The largest glossary of Hybrid Rudiments online featuring over Rudiments from session drummer / teacher Lewis Partridge. Hybrid Rudiment Book. Some of the more contemporary DCI geared drummers have probably already seen it. There is some crazy stuff in. A good ‘social’ list is is the hybrid rudiments book .pdf file) originally posted on this thread of : from Egg Beaters to.

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Try it out and see how you can apply it to the kit in a full or groove. It’s a book report with and extra diddle. This sparked our creativity and the urge to improve. I think I have a copy of this from over 10 years ago. Hybrid Rudiments are the result of combining two or more rudiments to create a new rudimental pattern, though this is not always the case. Book Rudikents by Jeff Queen. Inverted Flam Cheese by Thom Hannum.

There are literally thousands of potential new licks and patterns, many of which elaborate on the original I’ve dutifully studied the 40 essential snare drum rudiments for several months now. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Drag Paradiddle 1 – A Paradiddle combined with a Drag.


There is some crazy stuff in there. Accents and Rebounds – For the Snare Drummer.

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This site uses cookies. Churruckitah by Pete Sapadin.

Blue Cheese by Roger Carter. Choo-choo by Zach Schlicher. You can hbyrid these online with the provided links below and also look for my Lesson Of The Week where you will find my Hybrid Rudiment Breakdown series. Flam Flam by Zach Schlicher. Are there more rudiments after those?

Dachada Swiss by Zach Schlicher. Lots of conversation starters for the Jamboree along with Flamnambulous! How about same hand flam drag?!? The next logical step would be to combine those rudiments to pieces of music. My reading has taken leaps beyond where it was with tricky patterns, added partials, and combinations.

These are very advanced combinations so you will need to have a good understanding of technique and basic rudiments first see 40 PAS Rudiments with lots of practice for best results. Would have saved the author time to just have all the various titles for each rudiment listed at once. Drum Solo April Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. I have nothing but great things to say about Hybrid Rudiments and I hope that this post inspires you to take that step forward to learning a few hybrids to see where it can take your playing.


Sort By Title Date. A member of The Cloud9 Mission Network. Four years later I can tell a drastic difference in my overall playing!

This alludes to the fact that there already is a sort of standardized list of hybrids that have become well known throughout the drumming world. Hybrid Rudiments are combinations of more than one rudiment. Flam Paradiddle – A Paradiddle combined with Flams. The rudiments themselves have evolved with playing and writing styles.

Patafla-fla Hybrids by Zach Schlicher. I know many drummers who have never heard of Hybrid Rudiments and I feel it’s time we changed that. What should I do to continue to improve my knowledge of the rudiments?

Hybrid Rudiments « Ninja Drummist

I haven’t looked at this list as extensively as the first two, but it seems to have many good ideas in it as well. If you do a kick flip then you apply another technique with your feet accompanied by the ollie. While many Drum Kit players recognize the importance of developing a good rudimental vocabulary, very few kit drummers seem to be aware of the huge amount of Hybrid Rudiment possibilities.