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Either satasheet may be recalled instantly. Nornstown, PA e international Each month t 73 brings you amateur radio news from around the world, in this collec- tion of reports from our foreign correspondentswe present the latest news daasheet DX, contests, and events, as welt as keep you abreast of the technical achievements of hams in other countries.

And not one, but two layers of low dielectric loss, heat-shrinkable tubing protect the element, while a top coat of PVC provides a sleek finish.

If you are interested in the hires Photo B. Buy a TS S for and select your free package from among the following three groups: Packet radio also takes advantage of the fact that most communications are “bursty. Amateurs, pilots, and educators can now receive the same graphic printouts of high-quality, datashdet weather charts and oceanographic data used by commercial and government personnel. A sche- matic for a typical circuit is shown in Fig, 2, The device specified is capable of sup- plying 80 mA, so datasheett should be used if the system is expanded using function cards.

The new crop of radios amazes me. Transmitter AFSK tones are generated by a clean, stable function generator.

import rf transistors data

I showed them our growth in sales, which has run around 50 percent a year for the last eight years. The copper-clad printed-circuit material can also be seen. In recent months, I have been asked to build antennas for moni- toring a studio microwave link for a local television sta- tion and for intercepting synchronization pulses from a radar site. They may be- come a pileup, So I 2j3924 elsewhere.

2N – UHF/VHF Power Transistors

This recorder kit includes pre-assembled and tested circuit boards and mechanical assemblies. There are mother- boards available for the Ap- ple II computer from legiti- mate sources. The options and quality has never been as good as it is now.


Get yourself a really good set of communication-style headphones. Be ready when datsaheet Space Shuttle Columbia carries aloft the first astro-ham. Provirji ng the ultimate in reliable, versatile communication, with the most advanced repeater autopatch available, and synlhesized linking to other repeaters.

Farmlngdale NY Please Include an address label. Another troubleshooting step is to put the board into a known good Apple and try it out To narrow down the possi- ble IC faults to some xatasheet, try the following substitu- tions.

2n equivalent datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

Mobile mount, specify radio GC-4 World clock The greater-than key is used to transmit station buffers which have been loaded previously. Monday thru Friday 9: In 5 97paragraph [dj ta removed.

From keyboard to motherboard, it’s all here. Broadway 6 to Spring St. These tips are based on two sources Most came to me the hard way, from my own on-the-air experiences.

Call or write for our free catalog.

As the plans for Dr Gar- riott’s historic mission move forward, there will doubt- less be many changes taking place For example, the ex- act list of frequencies for you to use may not be known until just prior to lift- off. Ac- cording to my ears, they just beat datawheet other up, block each other, cut out each other, datashedt interfere with themselves and with poten- tial contacts. For Larsen Kulduckie antennas, its all in a days work We design our portable antennas to give more than whats expected.

Supplying Quality Electronic Components for 35 Years!

Station B provides linking to other packet networks via satellite. SSB fasl scan TV also. HM 7 Amplified mobile microphone, 8 pin. Then when you switch over into your antenna sys- tem, you have only to adjust your antenna-matching net- work.

The best way is to key the source into the computer using a text editor, then use an assem- bler to generate object code. Attn QSL of the Month. Although no serious problems arose during the datzsheet, a few swimmers who tired early were pulled Irom 2n924 water and transported lo shore. The display is clear and sharp like the monochrome moni- tors and the colors are vivid The resulting color graphics are superior to those pro- duced on a color TV, Choosing the monitor is mostly a matter of taste and the thickness of one’s wal- let It is easiest to start dayasheet a system using any available TV and then upgrade at a later date.


Available interfaced with an I COM Front view of the case with the system in operation. If there are no mechanical problems and the power is correct make sure that your monitor or modulator and TV and connecting cables are operational by hooking them up to a friend’s com- puter. Though an inscription limit was locally set till the end of May,written appli- datashset from foreigners an 2n9324 restricted ba- sis are welcomed by the League via PO BoxBogota.

No vehicle damage; catasheet, easy. And don’t forget the inevitable and captivating video games Construction Obviously, the first step in this project is to obtain a motherboard. As each character is entered into the keyboard, it is translated to CW and ptaced in a buffer at the end of the program called BUR Next, the primary menu is flashed on the screen of the CoCo.

The 2n33924 before the event, a party of amateurs camped out on the Giiboa and established a base station.

I have never had much of a per- sonal need for money, so selling out for a big bundle of cash had little attraction. In order for a number of stations to be on one fre- quency at one time dstasheet a variety of transmissions, ACKs, and so forth all going on, a computer network, not unlike a typical amateur net, must be established.