A Fortunate Life [A.B. Facey] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Born in , Albert Facey lived the rough frontier life of a sheep farmer. With Bill Kerr, Dorothy Alison, Dale Randall, John Ley. Four part biopic about classic Australian author A.B. Facey (). Born in a large impoverished. Bert Facey saw himself as an ordinary man, but his remarkable story reveals an extraordinary life lived to the full. Bert Facey was a battler, ever optimistic and.

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If you want a good biography – even if you aren’t Australian – I recommend this to you. Invasion did come — by face of body lice that gave the soldiers hell Bert Facey saw himself as an ordinary man, but his remarkable story reveals an extraordinary life lived to the full.

Sometimes I love literature and beauty in writing and other times I just need to be reminded what’s important and to read a story.

A Fortunate Life for Younger Readers

In this book, we follow a young boy as he works for every single step of his life after many early tragedies force him into going out on his own for work before he even hits the age of ten. Edit Cast Series cast summary: The people he encounters do what they must to survive and while some of them people treat Facey with compassion, others seek to take advantage of him.

One year Bert and one other worker decide to hide some of the grog. It completely changed my perspective on life Stedman rated it really liked it. The excitement of this book are these first 15 years: I cannot begin to express how much I simply adored it.

It opened my eyes to how hard life had been for earlier generations in Australia. I am thinking of the incidents that occurred when Bert was lost after a cattle stampede.


Yes No Report this. Gorgeous faxey immersive, this little treasure about the importance of kindness and friendship was a powerful book to read in the lead up to the year anniversary of the Gallipoli campaign.

A Fortunate Life

This is the sort of book that makes me feel comfortable and warm. SezLou Documents and records taken in Fxcey were on the whole quite inaccurate.

From Chapter 3 you don’t want to let this book go. This is a profound account of Australian life that illustrates aspects of the genesis of what was facej national character, which with the cosseting effect of our subsequent material wealth forged by ancestors just such as Bert Facey has eroded into an effete, self-interested petulance, exemplified at its cheating worst today in our sledging ‘sporting heroes’ and the venality of our politicians.

A Fortunate Life is an autobiography by Albert Facey published innine months before his death.

A Fortunate Life by Albert B. Facey

Facey’s life story, published when he was eighty-seven, has inspired many as a play, a television series, and an award-winning book that has sold over half a million copies. His prose is stark and sometimes dull – his favourite words are ‘beautiful’, ‘terrible’, ‘awful’, and ‘lovely’, but that’s a reflection of his lack of schooling, not his ability to tell a story. In his earlier years, he must have retold his stories to family and others, which probably explains the recalling of details so many decades after the fact.

But neither Facey nor his country and let’s face it, Australia is the other main character gacey this book was sophisticated or learned. It has now returned to its native roots, Western Australia, to be cared for by Fremantle Press once more.

I believe everything he did was commendable. The rest, over sixty years, was better, not because he became successful, but because he met and happily married a woman with whom he raised a family. For him — work is everything and the concept of not working was lifee foreign to his ideals.


This is a book that reminds us what is good and fine about mankind, told clean and true. Born in a large impoverished family, uneducated and illiterate, he had to fend for himself since he was eight, and as a recruit in WWI, he was sent to Gallipoli. He was looked after by his grandmother until he was eight years old, when he went out to work. Bert 9 years 2 episodes, Benedict Faceh View all 5 comments.

Our two heroes chart their course through Federation, hard times in rural Victoria, the opening up of new lands in West Australia, the establishment of the primary fafey that we now rely built on the blood, sweat and tears of ordinary men and womentwo world wars, the depression and on into more prosperous times. The charm of the chapters lies in the sincerity of the author, a man that one finds so easy to admire through his writing alone.

When I was forced to leave the country visa expirationI actually bought the book at the Sydney Airport, and started to read it on my way to Hong Kong on the plane, after I dried the tears from my departure and goodbyes. His later life and the story of how he met his wife who he clearly loved deeply was also a great part.