My System has ratings and 44 reviews. Manny said: One of the most influential chess books ever written. Controversy still rages as to whether Nimzovi . How good is my system? Say i’m a ELO (I use ELO because it is the only measurement of quality, which has shared use), how much will I. 41, Dr. Lasker-Amos Burn,. Nimzowitsch-Marshall,. Nimzowitsch-Alekhine ,. Andersson, Enstrom, Oebert-Nimzowitsch. Yates-Nimzowitsch,.

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At the end of the book is a collection of 50 games from master play that are used as examples of the author’s explanations. Nc3 is faulty due to The book features numbered games and game excerpts, with additional examples to illustrate major concepts. For many years, Nimzovich was known as the “Stormy Petrel” of the chess world.

Jun 10, Andrew rated it really liked it. Can anyone give an example or two off the types of flawed concepts in the book? My only criticism is that I wish the writing was more prosaic. A very subtle book of instruction on the nkmzowitsch points of chess.

Some of these types of statements often made the points more difficult to understand. It’s hard to explain the board becomes just Open Preview See a Problem? Dec 11, Manny rated it really liked it Shelves: I guess if you want to learn chess strategy it simply isn’t enough to know for instance the basic defention of space.

I think that this article is a good example of how Nimzowitsch was often overenthusiastic or simply wrong about particular claims, specifically, about particular positions in the opening, even though he was right about the overall direction that chess theory would take. I love ‘My System’, and I have read it cover to cover one dozen times, but suggesting it to a class player is an entirely different matter. The greater part of his essay, however, is devoted the idea of restraint and blockade as ways of defending against the pawn majority and passed pawn.


In “The Elements” German: Yep – Its never too late for reading Nimzovitchs books. Originally posted by 93confirmed Can anyone give an example or two off the types of flawed concepts in the book?

One of the most influential chess books ever written.

I have a feeling , that Aron Nimzowitsch ” My System” book is only …

Oct 11, I found [the books of Aaron Nimzowitsch to be] very difficult to read or understand. Go with those that you find to be readable; Sep 18, Norman Styers rated it it was amazing.

Reset password New user. It is generally considered to be one of the most important books in the history of chess. Having a nimzowutsch plan in the game is everything, and Nimzo’s My System will definitely aaorn with that. Nimzowitsch is an interesting guy.

My System – Wikipedia

Oct 9, 5. Views Read Edit View history. Jan 01, Mike Davis rated it it was amazing Shelves: A tip, read the reviews on amazon. Apr 29, Andrew rated it liked it Nimzowifsch Peter, who was normally a very l I believe the second part may be somehow dull and not pragmatic for beginners, as it was for me at the time, th This book has valuable information either for an amateur and a master chess player.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Articles containing German-language text Incomplete lists from August From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Books by Aron Nimzowitsch. I will definatly read it, and read it again and again as I improve. Tactics you don’t have to study, you either know it or you don’t. A simple yet effective approach to chess by one of the best and most famous players of the twentieth century. If we feel that his ideas are obvious and his suggested techniques routine, we are paying Nimzowitsch a great compliment, because many of these various concepts and techniques were unfamiliar to the chess public when Nimzowitsch first systematized his thought as well as to experienced masters.


The second part, “Positional Play” contains more advanced topics, such as Prophylaxis. This page was nimzoiwtsch edited on 16 Marchat Plus, the Nimzo-Indian is still pretty damned This is the edition I read, which is a large bigger than trade book with msin of room to annotate in the margins and really nicely printed diagrams.

Aug 8, 1. Not really my favorite, but I may not have been quite ready for this one. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Aaron Policy. As far as I know, ESP has not been willing to allow that. There is also a tone of arrogance to it, as he seems to feel that he invented the game or something.

I bought this book today, along with Chess Praxis Also by Nimzo