The UMC documentation is split into the following manuals. UMC Technical Manual (2CDC D02xx)1. This is the main technical description. ABB’s new UMC offers you the optimal solution for your motor control center .. Please refer to the product manual for more detailed information. min. 3 W. Universal motor controller from ABB ABB’s new UMCFBP offers you the optimal solution. . They meet all the specifications of the respective fieldbus.

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To use the new features via fieldbus new fieldbus device description files have to be used.

UMCFBP Technical Presentation – ppt video online download

Therefore the documentation is split into separate parts. Please fill in required fields. Expansion modules allow you to increase the number of inputs and outputs. It can be used in three- and single phase operation mode.

Main benefits Reduction of wiring: The different voltage protection functions are usually always active also ymc100 the motor is in stop mode.


Two to five loops are supported. It can be directly plugged on the UMC Voltage and Power Protection Functions This section describes the voltage based motor protection functions. Show on map Hide map. Don’t have an account?

ABB UMC MANUAL Pdf Download.

More details are available in the technical manual of the DNP Errors and warnings are displayed as clear text in the configured language. Published by Bernadette Parsons Modified over 3 years ago. Page Expansion modules 0. To change the number of phases set parameter “Number Of Phases” to “1 Phase”.

Stop motor in case of undervoltage Automatic motor restart once voltage is back Configuration: The following protection functions are not active during ramp-up and ramp-down: Login to myABB There was a problem with your request.

Navigate Search Login layouts-flyoutmenu-cart. For checkback the auxiliary contact of the main contactor has to be used!

Are you looking for support or purchase information? There was a problem with your request.


UMC100-FBP Technical Presentation

abbb Page 69 The UMC is designed for protection and control of three phase motors default operation mode. Learn more I agree. Device driver technology for field devices.

Are you looking for support or purchase information? Page 95 But this address is only for the “Address Check” feature described in the section below to identify if the right UMC The module can be used with grounded systems only e. This smaller current is then measured from the UMC The measured values are available on the LCD, fieldbus and function block editor. Motor off, start only in Open direction Digital and 4 configurable for Digital or 10 bit Analog Outputs: All these blocks run in the so-called logic engine.