Oct 14, (EC) No/ or the european agreement concerning the work of crews of vehicles engaged in international road transport (AETR). 2 feb. de desfÃsurare a activitÄtii regulamentul (ce) nr. / sau acordul a.e.t.r. attestation of activities under regulation (ec) no / acordul aetr pdf. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for acordul aetr pdf. Will be grateful for any help! Top.

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Roadside checks shall be carried out without discrimination on the grounds of nationality, residence or registration of buses and coaches and drivers respectively.

In that case, the number of passengers must be shown on the control document. Applications shall conform to the model laid down in Annex 4.

EUR-Lex – CJ – EN – EUR-Lex

Measurement at high idle speed, engine speed to be at least 2 min If appropriate, visual inspection of the emission control system in order to check that the required equipment has been fitted. Services which aer the outward journey laden and the return journey unladen.

The transport operator’s stamp or, where appropriate, the transport operator’s signature or that of the driver of the bus or coach shall be placed both on the acoedul and on the passenger waybill. However, the provisions granting an exemption acordu, authorisation contained in existing bilateral agreements between Member States of the European Community and other Contracting Parties for occasional services mentioned in Article 7 may be maintained and renewed.


The fuel for buses and coaches, contained in the fuel tanks established by the manufacturer for this purpose, and in any case not more than litres, as well as the lubricants contained in buses and coaches for the sole purpose of their operation, shall be exempted from import duties and any other taxes and payments imposed in other Contracting Parties. Article 7 Non-liberalised occasional services. The Joint Committee shall also be informed acordu, the reasons of the denunciation.

Ars aequi p.

Regular services can be subject to the obligation to respect previously established timetables and tariffs. The fact that a special regular service may be varied according to the needs of users shall not affect its classification as a regular service. The Joint Committee itself shall also scordul an arbitrator. P This Agreement shall apply: AETR-dommen, Nordisk tidsskrift for international ret p.

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Measurement of exhaust gas opacity with free acceleration no load from idling up to cut-offl speed. The control document shall conform to acorduk model shown in Annex 3 to this Agreement.

In the event of the accession to this Agreement by countries that are members of the Agreement on the European Economic Area, this Agreement shall not apply among the Contracting Parties of the Agreement on the European Economic Area. The transport operator shall be responsible for seeing that passenger waybills are duly and correctly completed. The buses and coaches used to carry out international occasional services covered by the INTERBUS Agreement shall comply with the technical standards laid down in Annex 2 of that agreement.

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Occasional services other than those referred to in Article 6 shall be subject to authorisation in accordance with Article EU case law Case law Digital reports Directory of case law. Maximum coefficient of absorption for: Each Contracting Party shall ensure a proper translation of this Agreement in its official language or official languages.

EUR-Lex – D – EN – EUR-Lex

The authorisation shall conform to the model laid down in Annex 5. The place of departure is in the terrritory of the Contracting Party in which the transport operator is established.

This site uses cookies to improve your browsing experience. Buses and coaches shall not be exempted from payment of taxes and charges on motor fuel, Value Added Tax on transport services, road tolls and user charges levied on the use of infrastructure.

Common Market Law Review p.

Contracting Parties which replace any tax included in the lists referred to with another tax of the same or a different kind shall notify the Joint Committee in order to make the necessary amendments. Before the end of each period of five years, the Joint Committee shall evaluate the functioning acorful this Agreement.

The bus or coach’s brakes shall be capable of performing the following three braking functions: