La simulación acústica por computadora es una herramienta útil para predecir el campo sonoro resultante en diversas situaciones. En este post se describen. Buy ACUSTICA ARQUITECTONICA by Manuel Recuero Lopez (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. ca]ACÚSTICA ARQUITECTÒNICA L’Acústica Arquitectònica estudia els fenòmens vinculats amb una propagació adequada, fidel i funcional del so dins d ‘un.

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The plan of the portuguese architect Coffino, which gave risen to its construction, is datedvery previous to other theatres which were built at that time in Extremadura, some of which have now disappeared.

Taking into account the acoustic problem, the conservation requirements and the budget allocated for acoustic correction, three fundamental courses of action were adopted; first, an increase of sound absorption, using construction solutions formally, according to the space to be renovated; second, increasing the diffusion reflections, arquitctonica terms of geometry, from acsutica reflective planes and surfaces which are causing prejudicial reflections; and finally, to re-design the stage space, in order to facilitate early reflections towards the audience, through a great soundboard in form acuztica an acoustic shell.

Acoustic Science Technology26 Preliminary acoustic measurements Measurements were made of in its original condition previously to the intervention in order to obtain its acoustic qualities in sufficient detail. Audience and chair Absorption in Large Halls. Acustica49 The incorporation of diffuser elements in the acoustic shell gives arquitectonicq substantial improvement in balance and communication between the actors, instruments in the case of music, due to the uniform dispersion of the energy in all directions.

As a general comment on the results obtained we will merely emphasise, above all else, the significant reduction achieved in reverberation time, the readings on the STI Figure 6 being an average of 0.

New receiver positions were also added on the stage in order to analyse the dynamic of the acoustic shell. It can see the similarity of some results of the final acoustic measurement and the computer simulation, and the notable improvement of the parameters measured, which shows the utility of these techniques in acoustic renovation processes.

The reverberation time measured are excessively high, causing the sonority of the hall and, at the same time, an appreciable reduction of the intelligibility of the word and, hence, it is necessary to increase sound absorption significantly at all frequencies, without being able to reduce the volume as has been indicated.

Table 4 shows the STI values from each microphone position for computer simulation and final measurements.


Abstract Carolina Coronado Theatre was inaugurated in The results of this phase are summarised below Table 5 and Figure 7. Finally, new measurements were carried out of the acoustic conditions of the enclosure, the treatment having been completed, in order to check that the conditions were those hoped for and that the quality requirements necessary for use as a theatre are complied with. These measurements were carried out by a laptop-based system using WinMLS software.

Having carried out the solutions and treatments described new measurements were made in accordance with ISO International Organization for Standardization, and IEC International Electrotechnical Commission, to check that acoustic behaviour was as expected and that the necessary quality requirements for use as a theatre were complied with.

Two types of source were chosen: Simulation results after acoustic treatments To keep this report brief, only the results found in the study hypotheses of extreme situations are given in Table 3. Its renovation was done respecting faithfully the original appearance of the hall, without changes in the raised stage, seating area or walls arquitectohica only including a new concept of acoustic dynamic shell based in diffusers, above the stage, that can acusticaa different acoustical ambiences.

Other results found in these measurements not only confirmed the high reverberation time of the original enclosure EDT mid of 3.

Sound system equipment – Part The first of these refers to the original situation of the hall without audience, and the second and third to the hall while unoccupied and occupied with the treatments described, respectively. Room acoustical simulation software has been used to predict the main acoustic parameters of the Carolina Coronado theatre.


This acoustic configuration was atquitectonica helped by covering lateral walls with acoustic panels. Acoustic Absorbers and Diffusers. It was designed in harmony to the creative spirit of the great halls. This work presents the acoustic evaluation and analysis carried out in the theatre.

X Y Z Distance m P1 5. El teatro Carolina Coronado fue inaugurado en As arqjitectonica be seen the reverberation times recorded are excessively high, making difficult the intelligibility of the word, so it is necessary to increase absorption significantly at all frequencies. To conclude, it should acusticq be indicated that our positive general evaluation of the results obtained from the work on the Carolina Coronado Theatre, which can be classed as good or even excellent, has been confirmed by the favourable view of actors, musicians and the public in the months since the work was carried out.

London, Applied Science Publishers.

It was also necessary for the treatment used not to alter the current appearance of the hall. Moreover, and as was pointed out above, this system can also be used to provide diffused reflections to the area of the public. Innovative approaches to the design of symphony halls. The theatre was conceived as a great hall with majestic dimensions. Acoustic shell for theatrical performance One of the novel features of this intervention has been the use of a new concept of acoustic shell based on panels diffusing the sound over the stage, which by this dynamic makes it compatible with theatre activity and other more common uses, achieving different acoustic ambiences.


Due to its importance, we mention the average values 9 points of measurement arquitectinica the reverberation time for each one of the octave band between Hz and 4 kHz for the empty hall Figure 3.

acustica arquitectonica – Equaphon University

According to Arauit is possible to correlate the value of T 30,mid with the type of music that better can be played in the room. The basic acoustic solutions for this space, used mainly for theatrical activities, are aimed for the intelligibility of the word or the level of comprehension for the oral message, being optimal at all points in the hall, and the sound level, indicative of the amplification of the hall, being sufficiently high.

Carolina Coronado Theatre was inaugurated in A 3-D model of the theatre was created using Autocad on the basis of the graphic documentation provided by the architect responsible for the renovation. The values Figure 8 are the result of averaging in three different points on the stage.

These measurements were made in all cases with the hall and the stage completely empty. Some different simulations were carried out, all of them using the same basic parameters number of rays, length of impulse response, number and position acusyica receivers, etc. Dynamic acoustic shell with diffusers in the acoustical treatment of Carolina Coronado Theatre, Almendralejo Badajoz, Spain.

International Organization for Standardization. To keep this report brief, only the results found in the study hypotheses of extreme situations are given in Table 3. These measurements were carried out with the same equipment and in the acusticx conditions as the preliminary measurements to allow comparison of the results obtained.