brought the S samplers from Akai with more welcome features like a resonant filter, onboard effects, more memory, and 32 voices. The SXL. It wasn’t until Akai released the S in that we saw resonance on an Akai sampler’s low-pass filter. But a significant addition on the S was APM or. The Akai S XL has an average rating of out of 5.(The Akai S XL has a total of 19 reviews).

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This page was last edited on 19 Octoberat SampleVerb in North America 4-channel, studio-quality, multi-effects board.

Plus the routing means with software you can have almost unlimited outputs setup without using half my mixing desk to do it. For adding sounds to the sampler, the SXL features a 3.

And a bonus question: Bynu-comer Sat Jan 30, 1: Already have an account? Delivery options see all.

Akai S3000xl

When we have sent a wrong item to you, we bear it. Archived from the original on 6 April Samplers musical instrument Akai synthesizers Japanese brands. The most radical feature about these great samplers is that they are very synth-like. To be honest, I have not found much personal use from the effects at all as I never really used flangers or delays for anything I create in the first place, maybe a few times I used echos but that was it.

Regardless, it is functionally identical and accepts the SXL options listed below sans internal hard disk also including the IBP 8-channel output board, standard in SXL.


I previously had a Roland W30 which was my main sampler for some time and a fantastic bit of kit but I always wanted the S as it was full bandwidth, stereo, and it had the commonly used and great sounding Akai time-stretch. We have several parts and accessories listed. My floppy is dead. Akaizer So, is there anything my ancient Akai d3000 useful for in the modern world?

Akai Sxl | Flite Media

The S-series samplers are THE professional standard and are used by everybody in all styles of music, especially the sampling-intensive styles of music such as HipHop, Techno, Trance, House, Industrial and Ambient. Does anyone have one in. I got kind of confused, because 1 on vintygesynth the description says: Akai Sampler Mailing List. Retrieved from ” https: Byhok-2 Sun Jan 31, 4: Richie – Just kinda good to have some ready made programs and sounds really. Item location see all.

Full fitting instructions are supplied. View the discussion thread. Will you be able to post audio shootout between mpc and s? The S-series samplers from Akai are most likely the best bit samplers in the world.

Byrichie Wed Jan 13, Never had an oportunity to put my hands on the S but believe me: Hard drive size limit on Akai S?? New functions in the SXL include MULTI mode which simplifies multi-timbral sequencing and layering whilst hardware options include a multi-effects processor that offers no less than four channels that include two multi-effects channels with distortion, EQ, ring modulation, and, modulation effects such as chorus, flanging, pitch shifting, auto panning and rotary speaker effects, plus delay, and, reverb.


Thanks for the shootout, especially the one with the filter Try to mess with samplerate function and timestretching. So yeah, the websites you’re akxi at are not lying man.

This will boot your Sxl sampler so it is akxi for use. The Akai SXL [3] is a bit professional stereo digital sampler. Bycraveone Wed Jan 13, 5: You can get a sort of reverb effect by adjusting the envelope when using looped sounds like the built in sine, pulse, square and sawtooph obviously not on one shot drums I have a Mp and a S and I don’t think they sound the same, the S s33000 a bit muddier and seems to colour the sound slightly where as the Mpc sounds pretty much the same as the original source material in my opinion.

I’d like to get the second filter board for the s and I’d like a effects card akaai my mpc. Users browsing this forum: The ability to read CD ROMs made for other manufacturer’s samplers gives access to an even further range of sounds.