Below is the text in English of the Akritas Plan, written by Polykarpos Yiorgadjis at the end of November , with the constitutional crisis on. And what could anyone say about the Akritas plan? Instead of the leader of the newly created state being a messenger of freedom, generosity, democracy and. The AKRITAS organisation started planning a different future for. Cyprus. Apart from military plans a general plan for the extermination of. Turkish Cypriots was.

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Even in the case of the attack on Suez Canal by Israel, which was condemned by almost all members of the United Nations and for which Russia threatened intervention, the Israelis were removed but, as a concession, they continued to keep the port of Eliat in the Red Sea.

Parallel with this, we should not only maintain but reinforce the present unity and discipline of our patriotic forces. Do not editorialize or sensationalize titles of link submissions.

They must also have the authorisation of either the Leader or the Deputy Leader who must approve the text. Nazaret, things have changed my friend. Even in the case of the Israeli attack against Suez, which was condemned by almost all nations, and on which Soviet intervention was threatened, Israel withdrew, but received as a concession the port of Eilat on the Red Sea. The British countermove was to invite both Greece and Turkey to a conference in London inostensibly to discuss political and defence matters affecting the eastern Mediterranean.

Retrieved 28 February When the first stage of the plan was put into operation at the end offighting broke out, but the Turkish Cypriots had prepared for akrits.


Cyprus History: The Akritas Plan

A — You have not read my akirtas post on the subject OR B — You cannot comprehend simple thoughts explained so that they will be understood by the meanest intelligence. According to constitution, Cyprus was to become an independent republic with a Greek Cypriot president and a Turkish Cypriot vice-president with full power sharing between Turkish and Greek Cypriots. The referendum was organised by the Church of Cyprus. Estimated population of North Cyprus is around It was unilaterally decided by a small section of the GCs.

The only bile shown is your latest post from you a british cypriot. It is my hope that Cypriots will consider it. Surely the substance here is the acknowledgement by Loucas Charalambous of the catastrophic consequences of the Akritas plan and its counterpart, the TC plan?

Retrieved 8 April Britain and the US had to be convinced that the Akriats Cypriots did not have to be afraid of Greek Cypriot political dominance in the island. In Nihat Erim submitted a report to prime minister Adnan Menderes, which can be considered the blueprint for Turkey’s strategy over the last 50 years. Our actions will have a legal form. You are technically incorrect about upfront concept.

Alas the bill we were called to pay for this dangerous living between and was excessively high. You are obviously angry and full of hate, so it is difficult to discuss things with you on the basis of good will, logic and the common good. History, Community and Conflict. Do not promote terror, terroristic acts akrritas organizations, doing so will be grounds for a ban.


Why dwell solely on the Akritas plan?

Arbitranger what will be feasability structure of capital projects? On 15 Januarythe anniversary akritaz the Enosis referendum, a mass rally for Enosis was held in Nicosia and almost the entire political leadership attended. Shameless and those who allowed this to happen should be exiled.

The same applies to the issue of the separate majorities with regard to taxation legislation. From the history of many recent instances we have learnt that in not a single case of intervention, whether legally justified or not, has either the United Nations or any other power succeeded in evicting the invader without serious concessions detrimental to the victim.

If you want akritsa promote your content, please contact the moderator team before doing so. There will be no Enosis with Greece, and many of us will fight to keep Cyprus independent from any other country including Greece. The above relate to targets, aims and tactics in the international field. Cyprus and the Politics of Memory: He is simply bringing back into the light the TC plan which Loucas has a tendency to down play. Unfortunately, the version propagated by the political parties, which maintains that the Ppan problem exists exclusively because of the Turkish invasion and occupation, is nothing more than another distortion of history.