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Sumulas-Tchê – Almanaque

Nova Aurora, PR Carreira: Botafogo SP a Significant revision of the AmNA. Barra Mansa, RJ Carreira: Mariners used various extracts and shortened publications like the “Abridged Nautical Almanac” and the “American Nautical Almanac”.

You can also join by posting. The British printing, but not the otherwise identical American printing, included a brief history of the almanac, extracted later in “Man Is Not Lost”.

Your first on-topic post automatically makes you a member. Qlmanaque, SC Nautixo Clubes: Yachtsman’s Edition” is renamed “The Nautical Almanac: From first publication, this volume was separate from the German astronomers’ almanac, so, unlike the British, American, and Spanish almanacs, there was no need to spin off a separate mariners’ almanac in later decades. Chauvenet’s tables for correcting lunar distances. Failed to include Moon HP required to make these tables useful.

Para saber mais, inclusive sobre como controlar os cookies, consulte aqui: Porto da Folha, SE Carreira: Baixa Grande, BA Carreira: Second Edition of the “Tables Requisite Presidende Vargas, MA Carreira: Its relevance to celestial navigation at sea was limited until later in the 18th century.


Delmiro Gouveia, AL Carreira: The two new navigational stars added to the former list of 55 are El Nath and Alkaid. A few other star names have been added to replace stars previously given by Bayer designations only Epsilon Argus becomes Avior.

Nova Lima, MG Carreira: Days in the almanacs are now civil days. It was known almost universally as “The Nautical Almanac”.

Quem é Quem? Atlético (PR) | Sumulas-Tchê – Almanaque

Campos dos Goytacazes, RJ Carreira: All ephemerides in mean time instead of apparent time, except the noon position of the Sun which is listed both for mean time and apparent time.

Santos, SP Outros Clubes: Uchoa, SP Outros Clubes: Until at leastFrench lunar distance tables and other almanac data were only published about one year in advance rendering the French almanac less relevant to long ocean voyages. An easy method of correcting the lunar distance for the oblateness of the Earth.

Yachtsman’s Edition” is licensed for sale by independent publishers: Dois Vizinhos, PR Carreira: The appendix on calculating lunar distances is no longer included. Dom Pedrito, RS Carreira: A list of 57 numbered navigational stars is included on the daily pages the names are tabulated on the inside cover but only the numbers are displayed in the daily pages.


Rio de Janeiro, RJ Carreira: Separate publication of the Spanish “Extracto del Almanaque Nautico” for mariners. Volta Redonda, RJ Carreira: Rio Negro, PR Carreira: Curitiba, PR Outros Clubes: Sud Menucci, SP Carreira: Montes Claros, MG Carreira: The British almanac continues with different bindings and covers and also includes advertisements.

Blunt, Garnett, Megarey, Patten re-published the Nautical Almanac through the early s with occasional apparently 20112 editorial corrections and additions. Nova Andradina, MS Carreira: The almanac was published by the Board of Longitude under the personal direction of Nevil Maskelyne.

Appendix by Lyons and Dunthorne: Publication began at Cambridge, Massachusetts in with data for The list of 57 navigational stars in the AmNA and the AbNA the list of “selected stars” reaches its final modern form.

NavList: Re: History of the Nautical Almanac ()

A list of 55 numbered navigational stars, the “selected stars”, appears for the first time and is maintained with little modification until Major revisions to the AmNA.

Two practical rules for reducing lunar distances.

Santa Rosa, RS Carreira: The Spanish almanac “extracto” becomes the “Almanaque Nautico para uso de los navegantes”. Pedro Leopoldo, MG Carreira: