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English version – Aplus Integrated Circuits Inc. Voice Blocks are then selected and grouped into Voice Groups for playback.

Built-in oscillator to control sampling frequency with an external resistor. Remove or modify any unwanted sound and generate a new DAT file.

C1 is capacitor from 0.


Q – I want to use the same key play all the messages in sequence every time the key is pressed. Do not use USB and external power supply together. User selectable triggering and output signal options provide maximum flexibility to various applications.

It will play all the sound files sequentially. Then select the Run the program in compatibilty mode checkbox.

AP datasheet, Pinout ,application circuits VOICE OTP IC

The book is an engaging read and a must for those who GO beechi jokes kannada pdf The best key search beechi jokes kannada pdf. Stop plus must be set to enable in order to have STOP plus to come out. Therefore, to make the sound files to play consistently, connect a capacitor 0. PdfText File. S1] with SBT as strobe signal. Search among more than 1.


You must use datashet same output mode to play the sound on the demoboard or your board as to what was used while programming. Thus you search for natural chest increases which mean that somewhere is deep in you do not wish to go for those artificial unnaturally looking dangerous introductions.

You can order as individual board or as a set which includes a battery holder and 32mm speaker. The duration of sound that can be stored depends upon the dztasheet frequency and the compression technique used. Q – The writer does not start when the USB is plugged in.

AP datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

It will permanently damage the writer. I have provided link only for the reference sake please buy the original copy and support authors! Use the following steps to check the connection: Contact us to purchase the item. Remove all the USB connections other than the mouse and the writer. The PIR module we provide is from 3.


Agni Sreedhar is publisher and editor of the Kannada tabloid Agni. User selectable triggering and output signal options provide maximum flexibility to various applications. If you have any dispute for uploading the PDFs please contact me through mail, I’ll remove it with immediate effect.

Txt or view presentation slides online. Two trigger modes, simple Key trigger mode and Parallel CPU trigger mode facilitate different user interface. Triggers Q – I want my message to loop over and over again.

This will make the message to loop. Is there another way to program the chip? Buy Dadagiriya Dinagalu Vol 3 To online, free home delivery.

What requirement or concern I should pay attention to? In stead, it acts as a Strobe input to clock-in the data input from S1 to S4 into the chip. AP datasheet, aP datasheets, aP pdf, aP circuit: Global data 62 Countries.

You can try a circuit using an IR obstacle detector. The PWM output is the regular voice output.