“APGENCO A.E’S (ELECTRICAL) QUESTION PAPER” of Written Examination Held on 22nd January Written Exam will be of. APGENCO Assistant Engineer AE Electrical written test held on . APGENCO AE Electrical Question Paper with Answers. APGENCO Question Papers, Model Papers, Previous Year Papers free download from AP Genco AE Question Year with Key. Class: AP GENCO. Subject: Assistant Engineer Electrical – APGENCO Syllabus .

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Temperature of electrode in Arc furnace is a deg b deg c deg to deg d deg Ans: Hence to sustain in the heavy competition, the candidates need to prepare the old questions.

ASSISTANT ENGINEER EXAM PAPERS – Electrical Engineering Materials

Eligible Male Candidates Need to apply On-line. April 3, 2: The two watt meters measurement the ratio of two meter readings is — 1-sqrt3: Errors and their rectification Moving coil in dynamometer wattmeter connected a In series with fixed coil b Across supply c In series with load d Across load Ans: March 30, 8: Mho relay is usually employed for the protection of a Short lines only b Medium lines only c Long lines only d Any line Ans: March 22, 6: When sine wave is given as input to Schmitt trigger then its generates a Sine wave b Saw tooth wave c Triangle wave d Square wave Ans: Strength of materials and theory of structures: A CRO screen has ten divisions on the horizontal scale.


All those applicants can check the selection process for Assistant Engineer vacancies. When moving iron meter is used to measure d.

In an induction machine, if the air gap increased a Speed will be reduced b Efficiency will be improved papdr Power factor will be lowered d Breakdown torque will be reduced Ans: The phase lead compensation is used to a Increase rise time and decrease overshoot b Decrease both rise time and overshoot quesiton Increase both rise time and overshoot d Decrease rise time and increase overshoot Ans: I changed my font at thecutestblogontheblock.

Less fluctuation from no-load to full-load Linkbar Home careers blogs Apcpdcl.

Ebooks Electrical engg vol-1 Electrical engg vol-2 Electrical engg vol-3 Electrical engg vol March 13, 1: Lag net work Symmetry criteria for optical activity, [ March 19, 3: Download and solve the previous papers, so that you can also gain time management skills. Impedance is proportional with respect to own KVA rating Finally, you reached the destination.


Harmonics are eliminated by using a Skewing of rotor b Distribution winding c Short pitch winding d All of the above Ans: March 14, 6: If series field is short circuited, then the armature current and speed will a Both increases b Both decreases c Increases and decreases d Decreases and increases Ans: March 17, 5: Heat convection, radiation, and conduction all are takes place in a Ice b Boiler c Refrigerator d Flue gases in pipe Ans: Sai Mohan Krishna Putti.

Which of the following plant is having lowest load factor?

All of the above All Eligible and Interested candidates need to apply […]. Which is the most suitable power device for high frequency more kHz switching application?