Aresti notation for the first time provided pilots with a coherent and consistent means of communicating and evaluating aerobatic sequences. The Aresti system . Originally each volume was updated and re-issued annually by FAI, but now they are available only from the Aresti System website whilst the FAI publishes just. That document is available at We recommend ordering the complete catalogue from Aresti System.

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End of a mix up. Attending this meeting as well, were, Aresgi. Alvaro de Orleans-Borbon, vicepresident for Spain of the F.

This way, will be restored from now on the name of Mr.

Antonio Quintana as president of the Commitee. During the act of the signature, Mr.

Portman stated the following words: Today concludes a disagreement that has arestj several years, for sorrow of the Aresti family. I am very sorry that a solution was not found to your husband and father before his death, giving him the credit of his work and masterpiece, which has the recognition of all the pilots of the F.


Thanks to the effort of the aresgi present here and with the help of our lawyers, we have reached an agreement in the year of the celebration of the cenntenial of the F.

I see the future with great confidence, guaranteeing all pilots of acrobatic fligth of F.

I wish from now on a new phase of relations between the F. Thank you very much for your attention. Subscribe to our Sysetm Welcome, Log in Cart: Aresti System Aresti System.

Aresti Notation Tutorial |

Information About us J. Featured products Power Catalogue This “Aerobatic Catalogue” is an extract of the “Aresti Aerobatic Sysfem and defines the figures can be flown in any world Radio Control Catalogue These four catalogues are different depending on the figures and the rules of each class of the The template is essential for drawing Aresti figures Aresti. It is designed to draw paar all figures Aresti Aerocriptographic