Aims: To study whether the time to insulin therapy in type 2 diabetic patients in primary care in Germany and UK has increased (). Methods. Objective: The study examined changes in French general practitioners’ (GPs) antipsychotic preferences between and , a period when evidence. accumulate private wealth (see Frick and Grabka, ). (), Arzneimittelverordnungsreport , Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg. Stability.

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Though investment in machinery and equipment has increased to pre-c risis levels, as a share of GDP it remains subdued. Inadditional financing of EUR 1. This was seen also as a response by German legislators to the continued erosion of the collective bargaining system and declining bargaining coverage, which resulted in a high share of low paid workers.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

In the context of the Upskilling Pathways: Another reason why businesses do not invest more in new digital business models is the lack of skilled personnel.

The consultancy and the federal transport infrastructure company, set up in the context of the reform of fiscal relations to support the local governments in planning and implementing investment arzneimittelvfrordnungsreport, can be expected to accelerate public investment.

Arzneimittelverordnungereport contrast, investment in residential construction has recently seen strong growth, partly reflecting a sizable accumulated housing supply shortage. This trend is believed to have continued in The German economy continued to grow strongly in This reverses a decade-long trend of increasing inequality of disposable income distribution, which peaked in at arzneimittelvfrordnungsreport to the EU average.

The consequences of this pattern are significant for the German economy and the current account. The availability of later rounds of financing at the capital-intensive scale-up phase, on the other hand later stage venture capital and growth financing is still very subdued and is considered a constraint on the growth of domestic start-ups EFI, Further improvements are held back by disincentives to work longer second earners, mini-jobs lock-in effect, see above and the moderate wage dynamic.

Inthe Gini coefficient for net wealth in Germany at 0. The biggest fall since the crisis has been recorded in construction and the only sector, which has expanded in 0210 with GDP ov er the years, is intellectual property.


Lacklustre performances by several medium-sized banks, low intermediation margins, and a weaker capacity to generate non-interest income all weigh on profits. There is a wide performance gap between native-born and foreign-born arzneimittslverordnungsreport.

Available firm-level data show that the gap between arzneiimittelverordnungsreport most and the least productive companies has widened over the last decade.

The latter does not seem to have kept up, which has resulted in a decline capital stock and potentially capacity bottlenecks Graph 4.

Thieme E-Journals – Nervenheilkunde / Abstract

This is done by stepping up investment in infrastructure and boosting the funding available under the Munici pal Investment Promotion Fund for modernising school buildings, including digital infrastructure. While availability of full-time childcare facilities and all-day schools improved, the attendance of children under 3 years of age remained slightly below arzneimittelverordningsreport Barcelona objectives.

Those self-employed people who do not have compulsory pension schemes for the free professions and who do not have considerable personal means have little protection on retirement. This could involve adapting their business model, considering mergers, and cutting costs. Healthcare efficiency could be improved by better integrating primary, ambulatory specialist an d in-patient care and making better use of eHealth. This has caused doubt on whether and how to apply the rules.

The at-risk of poverty rate has fallen slightly, from Moreover, there is scope for higher energy efficiency in transport. It even fell by 0. As regards the various asset types, investment in machinery and equipment has started to respond to the economic upswing; investment in intellectual property products has grown consistently and is gradually increasing in importance; and investment in residential construction is picking arzneimittelveordnungsreport too, although supply is still lagging behind housing needs in certain areas.

The lack of north-south internal lines strains the electricity tra de with Germany’s neighbours, as domestic congestion tends to be pushed to the borders. Social inclusion and health arznrimittelverordnungsreport. The federal fiscal reform and arzneumittelverordnungsreport measures led to a moderate improvement of fiscal space and investment capacity for municipalities.

Limited action has been announced with respect to further liberalizing professional services. It has reached pre-crisis 22010, but its intensity remains subdued against the backdrop of favourable financing conditions and declining relative prices for machinery and equipment.

A tight labour market and ageing population call for fully utilising the labour force. The Alert Mechanism Report European Commission, d concluded that a new in-depth review should be undertaken for Germany to assess developments relating to identified imbalances.


These include a high tax wedge for low-wage earners, disincentives for second earners to increase working hours and the fiscal treatment of mini-jobs that creates lock-in effects.

Private-sector deleveraging since explains a large part of the surplus, along with th e fiscal stance, and an increasing net international investment position NIIP giving rise to a sizeable positive income balance. In the next few years, housing investment is afzneimittelverordnungsreport to develop dynamically, while non-residential construction will require a permanent improvement in business confidence and the capacity to set up, plan and implement public investment projects.

Women are particularly affected arzneimlttelverordnungsreport an employment rate of Following a steady increase since the crisis, in-work poverty also fell slightly in There is potential for sh ifting taxation from labour to other tax bases less detrimental to growth, including environmental taxes.

More investment could help arzneimittelverotdnungsreport affordable housing more widely available. This stands below European Commission fundamentals-based benchmarks for Germany, and reflects more than a decade arzneimittelverrordnungsreport deleveraging This outcome reflects a gradual scaling back of investment in maintaining and expanding public infrastructure.

The large dip in construction investment as a share of GDP from the late s until was the most significant change in German investment during the emergence of the current account surplus. Over a longer period of time, the large-scale demographic shift from working to retirement age is expected to start to lower the aggregate savings rate and thus the current account surplus.

While private investment has recovered arzneimittelverordnhngsreport pre-crisis levels, business investment has remained largely flat as a share of GDP. Germany took measures to address the gender pay gap by adopting in the Act on greater wage equality betwe en women arzneimittelverorrnungsreport men.

Orders in the road construction sector are peaking. PHI premiums are arzneimittelverordnungsrsport dependent and separate premiums have to be paid for spouses and children. Even if the introduction of the statutory general minimum wage in had an impact, wage increases remained moderate.