Explore, Learn, Relish Asa Ki Vaar with audio at Asa di VaarAsa-di-varmeans A ballad of hope; it is one of the basic Asa di Vaar: Complete Gurmukhi text with English Transliteration and Translation. About Asa Di Vaar: Asa Di Var is a collection of 24 pauris or stanzas written by Shri Guru Nanak Dev ji (Sri Guru Granth Sahib, Ang to Ang ). The whole .

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Nanak is a slave to anyone who understands this mystery of the all-pervading Lord; he himself is the Immaculate Divine Lord. Water remains confined within the pitcher, but without water, the pitcher could not have been formed; gi-aan kaa ba Dh aa man rahai gur bin gi-aan na ho-ay.

Only they are pure, O Nanak, within whose minds the Lord abides. If the seed is whole, and it is the proper season, then the seed will sprout. In his age, women were neglected and held in contempt by men. He may be great, but when he dies, the chain is thrown around his neck, and he is led away. There, only the Truth is judged true; the sinners are picked out and separated.

With loving devotional worship, abiding in humility, O Nanak, salvation is attained. The Lord is fearless and formless; His Name is True. But alas the man had forgotten all laws of moral ity, ethics and religion. Whatever He has done, or will do, is all by His Own Will. You behold Your creation, like the losing and winning dice of the earth. You may read and read loads of books; you may read and study vast multitudes of books.

Nanak says, listen, people: Meeting the True Guru, the True Lord is found; He removes self-conceit from within, jin sacho sach bu jh aa-i-aa. O Nanak, those who understand this are blessed with perfect destiny. The True seeker of The Truth welcomes all that comes from God-both good or ill-as a blessing. From woman, woman is born; without woman, there would be no one at all.


How wonderful to behold the Lord, ever-present here. Sweetness of speech and humility are the essence of virtues. In congregation, the musicians sing this var along with Chhants quatrains of Guru Ramdas. Nanak speaks this prayer to those who have Truth in their laps.

The metaphysical aspect of the Asa-di-var emphasizes Divine Ordinance HukumGod’s grace, the wonders of Nature and the pervading spirit of God in all His creation. The home of modesty and Dharma is far from them. Meeting the True Guru, eternal liberation is obtained; He has banished attachment from within. O Nanak, all these things are false. The fools do not know the Truth. Dh o t ee tikaa t ai japmaalee Dh aan malay chh aa N kh aa-ee.

The Lord installed the Righteous Judge of Dharma to read and record the accounts. Sikh Religion and the Sikh People 3 rd revised edition 3. The practice of humility and love are the most effective qualities for keeping people away from sin, far better than all recitations and rituals of religion. Those who englksh are content. If he should cast an angry glance, He can ni kings into blades of grass.

O Nanak, those who do not think of the Guru, and who think of themselves as clever, chh utay t il boo-aa rh ji-o su nj ay an d ar kh ay t.

September 22, at 9: The self-willed manmukhs waste their lives away in vain.

They too have the same taste. Around your neck is a rosary, and on your forehead is a sacred mark; d u-ay Dh o t ee bas t ar kapaata N.

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In His Heart, Truth is abiding.

Asa di Var – Wikipedia

Guru Nanak also exposed any idea of pollution, being connected with the events of birth and death. O Nanak, speaking insipid words, the body and mind become insipid.

The world is not a dream, but an impermanent reality. Do not call anyone bad; read these words, and understand.

Asa di Var

Since one is not destined to remain in this world anyway, why should he ruin himself in pride? Poonam Kapoor, my erstwhile support, for her guidance, continuous conselling and help to complete this challenging work. One knows the Truth only when he receives true instruction. Reading and studying them, four doctrines are found.

They eat the meat of the goats, killed after the Muslim prayers are read over them. Those servants, whose destiny is awakened, serve the Lord. In sakhi story number 32 there is a reference of first nine stanzas of the composition, which according to a tradition, were recited by Guru Nanak when he met Sheikh Kamal, an heir of Sheikh Farid of Pak Pattan.

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False is their capital, and false is their trade. The corn is sacred, the water is sacred; the fire and salt are sacred as well; when the fifth thing, the ghee, is added, t aa ho-aa paak pavi t.

What sort of gift is this, which we receive only by our own asking? The sinner, like the deer hunter, bows down twice as much.