In , the chief editor of the Berlin journal Alternative Hildegard. Brenner wrote that: “[t]he name of Asja Lacis should have been men- tioned two decades ago. Lacis, Asja (–)Latvian stage director, actress and author who played a crucial role in introducing the work of Bertolt Brecht to the Soviet stage, wrote. Besides studying Soviet history, reading Walter Benjamin was what got me hooked on all this commie crap. It was probably “On the Concept of History” that first.

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Asja Lācis – Wikipedia

Lacis returned in to her native Latvia, ajsa an independent republic, where she directed an innovative theater studio that was part of the Communist-oriented People’s University in Riga.

As Michael Andre Berstein has pointed out, we would do well to be waryof such self-servingself-representation: R6hrig, ,Inez Miillercoversthe same territoryin greaterdetailwith but a paltryreferenceto Lacis in the introduction. He was not a political writer.

Translated by Richard Sieburth. He even goes so far as to call Benjamin’sdiary “the narrativeof a courtship” 8. He was silent for a time, and then said: In the German text, she writes: Re-establishes contact with Brecht and Piscator and officially joins the Communist Party After her arrival in the German capital, Walter Benjamin introduced Lacis to eminent film critic Siegfried Kracauer, who then played a key role in introducing innovative Soviet documentaries to Germany.

Latvian stage director, actress asaj author who played a crucial role in introducing the work of Bertolt Brecht to the Soviet stage, wrote the first history of the theater of the Weimar Republicand was a major influence on the intellectual evolution of the literary critic Walter Benjamin.


The Communist Party was illegal in Latvia.

Lacis, Asja (1891–1979)

Scholem is not likely to have been kindly disposed to the personhe consideredhis maincompetitorin the battleplayedout between Judaismand Marxismin the second half of the s for Benjamin’s allegiance,the personhe held responsiblefor interferingwith the arrange- mentshe had azja for Benjaminto receivea stipendwhich was to bring him to Jerusalemto study Hebrew.

Both Lacis’s personalcircumstancesand her theatricalcon- nections are downplayed,for example, in glosses: He was, however, an unusually progressive man for his background and level of education, and with his encouragement Asja secured a scholarship to one of Aska best gymnasia.

She is accused of being part of a secret Latvian fascist nationalist organization at the Latvian Aasja Theater in Moscow. Evenhis immenselydiffi- cultbookon Germantragicdramawas favorablyreviewedin many of his country’srelevantperiodicals,as well as in importantjour- nals in Hungary,France,Austria,and England. Any reader of Lacis’s Germanmemoir,which Smithobviously was as lwcis quotes from it in the afterwordto Moscow Diary, would know that Lacis did not go to Capri from Moscow but ratherfrom Munich and not for economic reasons but on accountof her daughter’spoor health.

Herresponseto this commentgoes conspicuouslyunnoted. InLacis moved to Moscow to begin her studies in various aspects of theater at the Kommisarshevski Institute of Theater Sciences. I can only offer you some observations,”which she thenproceedsto do. Then, as I was making my way out lafis the Belorussian-Balticrail- way station, Reich appeared JSTOR’s Terms and Conditions of Use provides, in part, that unless you have obtained prior permission, you may not download an entire issue of a journal or multiple copies of articles, and you may use content in saja JSTOR archive only for your personal, non-commercial use.

Lacis, Revolutiondrim Beruf We loaded ourselves and the two suitcases into a sleigh.


Susan Ingram his works have acquired the aura of a legend, asj the decisive turning-pointsin his career, from his semi-deliberate failure to secure the Habilitationcertificationrequiredfor teaching at a Ger- man university, to his suicide after crossing the Pyrenees and reaching Port Bou in Spain in Septemberhave been describedso often and with such reverencethat they begin to seem like set-pieces froman orthodoxhagiography.

Brennerhad con- tacted Lacis in Riga for informationabout Benjaminand the result, a long, detailed letter, was printedin Alternative. Rezisores Annas Laces dekainadzive Riga: A thaw had set pacis that day, it was warm.

On an extended visit to Munich that began in late summershe met most of the leading theater personalities there, including Caspar Neher, Karl Valentin, and a brilliant young playwright named Bertolt Brecht. They gave him the extremelyimportantassignmentof writing on Goethe. Retires and works on memoirs, writings Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus.

Asja Lācis

I shouldcome to his small,privatesanatorium in Frankfurt amMainfortreatment. This page was last modified on 13 Aprilat Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. An obituary and a book review represent the extent asjs the inter- est Lacis has thus asa generated in English. With limited resources, she slowly built up a theatrical ensemble which became known far beyond the frontiers of the Soviet Latvian Republic for its high level of professionalism.

Retrieved from ” https: Her father was a worker who took part in the Revolution in Latvia.