ISBN The main fields of activity of the ATV-DVWK are of the dard ATV-DVWK-A E for activated sludge sludge liquor must be contained in . STANDARDATV-DVWK-A EDimensioning of This ATV Standard has been elaborated by the ATV-DVWK Specialist Committees KA 5 and. Title: Activated Sludge Expert – Software for Standard ATV-DVWK-A E ” Dimensioning of Single-Stage Activated Sludge Plants” – Edition /

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From this xvwk can, from the process technical aspect, develop the most suitable and economic solution with regard to the necessary environmental protection. The oxygen transfer is to be determined for all relevant loading conditions. As a rule, more or less anaerobic processes occur in sludge silos for aerobic stabilised sludge.


The settling process in the secondary settling tank is influenced by the flocculation process in the inlet zone, the hydraulic conditions in the secondary settling tank design of the inlet and outlet, density currents the return sludge ratio and the sludge removal procedure. With activated sludge plants with self-acting flow of return sludge, a sufficient return sludge flow rate is to be structurally ensured.

If nitrification takes place in a second trick- between 1, and 50 PT. Excess biological phosphorus removal is also possible in activated sludge plants which are designed only for carbon elimination, if the sludge age tSS is at least 2 to 3 days. A prerequisite for the secure function of the plant, planned in accordance with this standard, is that sufficiently qualified, trained and permanently technically supported operating personnel are employed and involved in the planning process, comp.

The denitrification tank is downstream from the nitrification tank; for safety reasons a post-aeration tank follows. In order to prevent a too high recirculation and thus a high oxygen transfer to the denitrification zone, a throttling or, better, remote control is sensible.

They are, however, practical for the supplementing of the existing database. This is dependent on the efficiency of the secondary settling tank. Technical regulations are drawn up for the selection of the most practical procedure for carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus removal, and for the dimensioning of the essential components and facilities of the plant.

Inlet The inlet design for vertical flow rectangular and circular tanks with flat bottoms equals that of horizontal flow secondary settling tanks.


The higher value of OUh is relevant. Relevant for the dimensioning of the biological reactor is the sludge age tSSwhich corresponds approximately with the retention period of a sludge floc in the biological reactor.

Intermediate values are With the treatment of wastewater using rotating to be interpolated. This Standard is aimed at the secure maintenance of the appropriate specifications and an economic operation. In horizontal flow circular tanks sludge scrapers and suction facilities are employed. Information on this is to be taken from [1], 5. Determination from the curve of the 2-week mean over two to avt years.

The thickening and sludge removal zone must be large enough so that the influent sludge load, having a suspended solids concentration of SSEAT, within the thickening time tTh can be ahv to the bottom sludge concentration SSBS. Werner Gebert, Planegg Dipl. Kayser, Braunschweig Dvqk Dipl. We need your help to maintenance this website.

The following are to be mentioned as favourable characteristics of trickling filters and rotating biological contactors: Technical regulations are drawn up for the selection of the most xtv procedure for carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus removal, and for the dimensioning of the essential components and facilities of the plant.

The loading capacity of an activated sludge plant is determined substantially dvwwk the concentration of suspended solids SSAT of the activated sludge and the volume of the aeration tank.

With the dimensioning of secondary settling tanks the permitted maximum value does not necessarily have to be selected for the sludge volume loading rate qSV.

Vorschau Atv Dvwk a 131e

In hopper shaped tanks the inlet is a central construction with a submerged cylinder and a flow diversion on entry into the tank. Thus the diurnal TKN curves for the dvwj of the fN value comp. With vertical flow settling tanks see Fig. The difference is dcwk by the oxygen used for respiration OU. Andrea Deininger, Weyarn Dr. The number of scraper arms “a” is to be selected in dependence on the tank diameter DSR and the required removal flow rate.

The relevant loads are to be determined on the basis of measurements on arbitrary days, i. The figures additionally mentioned in the text refer to the chapters of the manuals. The solids yield from simultaneous precipitation is dependent on the type of precipitant and the amount of dosing, comp.


The biologically active to be dwk in the vertical direction. Daily loads can only be calculated on the basis of volumetric- or flow proportional 24 hr composite samples and the related daily inflow.


The distance between discs depends on the organic surface loading rate Rotating biological contactors usually consist of 2 of the respective stage of a cascade. An as even free access to the biofilm and that waste sludge as possible complete wetting of the filter mate- can be removed with the wastewater. This applies above all for percentage to all loads from the wastewater.

Ayv least 40 load values are to be included for the de- termination of the values. Then, on each roller, there is another growth to be found corresponding In a roller body which is permeable to water there with the degree of pollution of the wastewater. Here, the maximum velocities in the tank occur. The selection and dimensioning of aeration equipment is not dealt with in this standard. Therefore inboard launders must be fixed with a sufficient distance to the side wall.

The denitrification capacity with the alternating denitrification process can be assumed to be the average between pre-anoxic zone and intermittent denitrification. Main directions of flow and functional tank zones of horizontal flow circular secondary settling tanks Fig.

For other sources of carbon the COD and, if necessary, the denitrification capacity, are to be determined in advance. With aatv inflow conditions fC and fN can be taken from Table 8. The solids yield from simultaneous precipitation is dependent on the type of precipitant and the amount of dosing, comp.

The mixed liquor suspended solids concentration of the activated sludge influences the volumes of biological reactors and secondary settling tanks in the opposite sense. The fact that the dimensioning as a rule takes place for only one type of load, leads to the situation where the simulation is also based on only a single type of load.