A Review of “Baal” [by Robert McCammon]. When I discovered Stephen King in the summer of , I quickly became obsessed by the man’s. McCammon’s new novel The Border is out very soon from Subterranean Press, but here’s where it all began back in ; Baal is a very. Robert Rick McCammon (born July 17, ) is an American novelist from Birmingham, However, Baal, Bethany’s Sin, The Night Boat, and They Thirst were recently re-released by Subterranean Press as limited edition novels. In a

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A cosmic battle between good and evil follows, with Virga the only survivor. After his parents’ divorce, McCammon lived with his grandparents in Birmingham. Not his strongest novel but hey, I think most agree that neither was CARRIE but had definite glimmers of brilliance and a talent to be reckoned with. After clashing with an editor at a new publisher over the direction for his historical bazl novel Speaks the Nightbirdhe retired from writing.

View all 4 comments. The biblical god Baal cast as a powerful demon travels from place to place spreading war, death, and violence in his wake- growing stronger with each soul he corrupts. Like Dean KoontzMcccammon for a while refused to let his first novels up to and including They Thirst be republished because, while not disliking the books, he did not feel that they were up to the standards of his later works. Even lately, with his Matthew Corbett series, which is a bit of a diversion from his more well-known modern horror works, McCammon stands up there, to me, as strongly as the big heavy-hitters of horror, like Stephen King.

And please, please, for Tom Cruise’s sake, do not make this the first McCammon book you read. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Robert R. McCammon’s BAAL

Baal rose up to form a story that has been told and retold in so many ways before. Sep 27, Glenn Rolfe rated it really liked it.

Not at all bad for a first novel. This is where McCammon shines. Open Preview Robedt a Problem? Davis 1 week ago. Three stars for the rest of the book. Then there’s the ending. You familiarize with them q What a story! Their plain is simple: I’ve never been sure why McCammon quit writing horror at the top of his game. Somewhat superficial research ensured that I caught all the resonances and hints quite early on, as well as a few factual errors here mccammpn there.


The scenes in Greenland are good and the milieu’s great, but it’s almost as if the novel is running out of steam by that point. The State of the Blog 13 hours ago.

Baal by Robert R. McCammon | Mika Reads Horror Fiction

This essay originally appeared in the Pocket Books paperback edition of Baalfirst printed in October The generation of the antagonist was achieved with a superlative execution.

BAAL marks the debut of Robert R McCammon, a popular author of paperback original horror novels in the ’80s who transitioned to more mainstream suspense and historical suspense fiction in the ’90s and beyond. It could not be the end.

McCammon writes well with his pacing and scenes. Mccammpn, the Middle East, and Greenland. The kid gets shuffled off to a series of orphanages.

I was an electric plug and I couldn’t seem to find the right socket, until I began writing.

Really good, Kept me reading. Plotting structure is fine and well constructed, but the story’s material is simple. View all 11 comments. Thank God I didn’t or I would have missed out on some great books.

My job was ferrying advertising proofs between the local newspaper and the various department heads: What’s worse for me about that is I tend to a agree with him a lot, although also seem to be, well, less of a wet blanket about it Many authors would kill for their first novel to have this level of quality. Works well enough on its own terms; jettison expectations of originality and depth and settle for a fast-moving evil-messiah tale with many gore set pieces and a suitably vile villain and you’ll be fine.

Michael’s secret should have been offered much sooner, because it was poorly hidden and would have enriched the storyline. They thirst is my favorite McCammon. Only the second McCammon I’ve read the other being Boy’s Life -one of my top 3 favorite books everI have a whole shelf of his other paperbacks at home.


Baal is nowhere as well-developed or evenly told as, for instance my favourite They Thirstbut it has its merits. Focal settings help the story succeed well – told through the POV of the unlucky parents for the first segment; Baal’s interesting choice of carriers to fame through the boy’s home as a teenager; Virga, the quiet and subtle hero at the college; the destruction and desolation as Baal gains power in the middle east; and ultimately the long, perilous journey that three heroes bear on the ice.

He takes a good long while to get to the point of a scene which slows down a lot of the action I admit here to not having yet read Intensity and even King pointed out he over-moralizes a lot in his fiction, letting the message dictate the events of his stories.

There is a small twist at the end but it’s not surprising and the battle is almost anticlimactic – perhaps a little weak – but ultimately it works with the subtle, apocalyptic story. Also, I am kind of over the whole biblical thing even though this story tweaks it. I say “arguably” because it’s possible to see Baal himself as the novel’s main character, in which case he’s there from nearly the beginning. Wright on Robert E.

But as the The Stand it was a massive book of more than pages. Want to Read saving…. As soon as possible, Baal escapes from the orphanage into the world, taking similarly orphaned disciples with him, and when we next encounter him, a number of years have passed; he’s all grown up, camped out in Kuwait, and spawning a truly frightening cult.

There are also several genuinely creepy scenes that are very effective, and the ending is a good, satisfying one. Brazill 5 months ago.

The mccammonn landscape pictured here makes you shiver and your hands go numb as you follow the characters chasing Baal. It is truly a work of art.