Michael Douglas and Baby Boy in Behind the Candelabra () Jerry Weintraub at an event for Behind the Liberace: I hate my life sometimes, I really do. Behind the Candelabra has ratings and reviews. writing style is that of the co-author) mindlessly goes through the excesses of his life with Liberace. Starring Michael Douglas and Matt Damon, the film is adapted from “Behind the Candelabra: My Life With Liberace,” by Scott Thorson with Alex.

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Interestingly enough, that made me want to read the book, so I did. Retrieved February 17, Liberace was a very hard worker, devoted to being a showman and entertaining his audience. Lee buys another mansion. Lee had his mind set on two things: The portrait of Liberace drawn from this somewhat self-serving story depicts a selfish, manipulative sociopath who used and disposed of his “proteges” and treated people like objects.

I was filled with a joyous glee that warmed my heart. I’m a firm believer in the “Too much of a tue thing can be wonderful ” Liberace credo but maybe it’s not always the case. I was inspired to read this memoir after reading an article in last week’s “Entertainment Weekly” about the upcoming HBO movie on Liberace’s life and lover starring Matt Damon and Michael Douglass.


It’s always interesting to take a peak behind the carefully crafted image of a celebrity and see the real person, and in this case the real thw isn’t very likeable. The problem was there was no Liberace. It gradually becomes clear that Liberace is trying to mold Thorson into a younger version of himself.

Irish Film and Television Network. May 21, Joe rated it liked it. They seem opposite emotions.

Behind the Candelabra by Scott Thorson

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Scott was eighteen when he was wooed liberac seduced by Mr. Behind the Candelabra Television release poster. Retrieved August 3, Best Candelabrw or Television Film. Watch the Top Trailers of Even though the book was written back init still seems fresh.

Liberace dies a few months later in February He then seeks legal redress for what he feels he has lost. Behind the Candelabra is a American biographical drama film directed by Steven Soderbergh. Stunt Actor Shamus Cooley I have read other books about famous people and have come to the conclusion that many of them are very troubled people.

Behind the Candelabra

Full Cast and Crew. Despite being nearly 40 years older than Thorson, the relationship quickly became physical then surprisingly to Thorson, emotional. Black introduces Thorson to Liberace Michael Douglaswho takes an immediate liking to the handsome younger man.



Too bad there weren’t more specifics to really turn this into something worth reading. Views Read Edit View history. They have money to live dandelabra great life but are very lonely people and have some very sick life styles.

He relates a story of a “divine healing” in which a “messenger” informed him that God still loved him. Lee gives expensive cars and jewelry. I really liked the book and the moive.

Being somebody’s boyfriend, I didn’t picture my life like this. Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or Movie.

And over that rainbow there would be a diamond encrusted unicorn with a lush mane of gold wearing sequined hot pants flying high in the sky.

The film, shown for the first time on American television on May 26,was watched by 2. You actually feel for both Scott and Lee, and I really wish this story had ended better.

I could not caneelabra this down. Retrieved June 1, Soderbergh On Quitting Movies”.