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As to the comment about them SPAMing cutomers You pay for their knowledge. When I recognize a genuine problem I can’t fix, I’ll be always rolling it off the bike shop. First of all, the manufacturers give a lot of trade credit on the bikes. If one of you happen to be an independent bike shop owner or work in one, comment on how your shops are coping in such a competitive retail industry.

I read every single comment.

And its interesting to learn the markup differences in nnashbar ticket vs smaller items. The MN Party Store catalog offers the largest selection of party goods, costumes, favors, toys and catering supplies anywhere online.

Cycling Clothing | Bike Nashbar

Thank you for registering your e-mail with us. Nashbar is favorable to many because of their fast shipping and handling. Wouldn’t the former have attracted more business? Online purchase leaves something to be desired. You give back things you that didn’t fit you, or you didn’t want, and that later sells again for a much lower margin to someone else! The old couple who comes in every month for 5 years to buy tubes for their comfort bikes give more xatalog to the shop than the bike racers do.


You’re right about tying up money in capital. After you sell one box, that pays for the next two. Bought 2 more bikes there, and seeks the advice of the head nahbar. Ford buys spark plugs at a cost much lower that Advanced Auto parts. So what did cwtalog do? They buy nashabr high end bikes that the shop makes a very small margin on. They nab manufacturers’ closeouts, OEM’s or slow-selling models of better brands and stamp their own brand names on imports.

Some also call it Trashbar. Advocates of mail-order say that buying online frees them from the constraints of being able to handle products and actually knowing what they’re getting before it arrives six days later in a mangled box missing half its hardware.

Bike racers are the most finicky, fickle, pain-in-the-ass customers there are. Don’t give out the Nashbar secret! I always check the prices in the two different on-line catalogues since there are sometimes variations.

Today, there appears to be one even in West Virginia. Zach, I’m glad its working for you. I would never disclose wholesale pricing. If you go to say, Colorado Cyclist’s website, they sell Record shifters for a price which is actually pretty close to the cost an LBS would pay from their distributors.


Our Company Our Company. Interestingly, when I did my college internship in a well to do compressor company, the aftermarket department selling small parts and services made a huge contribution to the total earnings compared to the other sides of the business.

That was a good lesson. S ome believe Nashbar, Supergo and Performance are all operated by the same holding company.

Clearance Zone

A bigger discussion of this post can be viewed here, for which I thank the RBT readers. View my complete profile. Sometime in that age, they also began a used bikes advertising tabloid called Cycle Seller, repositioned brands,broke into the overseas markets and pretty soon called on programmers to open an e-commerce venture of the business, which is now famously your www.

If not, they may have agreements that give them big discounts on what doesn’t sell by some date, since this is a very seasonal business.

Some cayalog I can think of are: