Beer Scoresheet. AHA/BJCP Sanctioned Competition Program. Structured Version rev BSTR may not be an average of judge’s individual scores. Judge information. Important for two reasons: 1) Identi-ies you to the competition organizer and to the BJCP. 2) Indicates your level of quali-ication to the entrant. By Nick Holt. As a club we have spent a lot of time in mini-comps talking about how to fill in a scoresheet, and I have previously written about.

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Myces December 10, Here is a document that goes into a bit more detail: They may prove useful in preparing for the tasting portion of the Bjdp exam. There must have been a bit of variance in my perceptive accuracy since I dipped into Certified on that.

Two or three areas of improvement should probably have been given for this beer. Learn what these are and use them. Here is a set from a single exam in lateall of which are judged to be Master-level sheets.

BJCP scoring sheet

Also I forgot the check the ester box after mentioning esters. I mean, who actually decided that the appearance of a beer should be worth 3 points out of 50??

This was obviously not a great beer, having scored it a Definitely my worst performance on the exam, again I was majorly off scoee scoring.

Many thanks to my graders, admins, and proctors for volunteering their time to help me become a BJCP judge. Inwhile I was studying for the exam shout out to Craig, Kyle, and Shaun the best study group ever!

Did you make efficient use of space? These are also considered scor top-notch examples. Copyright Brisbane Amateur Beer Brewers. If you read through my scoresheets you may see some patterns in terms descriptive structure. Completeness xheet also graded on use of white space, make sure you fill in all the lines! These added elements may not be commented on by a judge, but their lack of comments gives you information that these may be missing.


Read it once when you start studying, read it again after a few months, vjcp it again several times over the few weeks leading up to your exam.

BJCP scoring sheet | Judges used scoring sheets created by t… | Flickr

These are the easiest marks to get, you just need to focus on being detail oriented and not miss anything. Mostly because I want more ranked judges for Brew Slam this fall: These competitions are a great place to compare your perceptions and scoring accuracy to more seasoned judges. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Bjfp hope this way too long blog post has been helpful!

As an example, a judge might note on a scoresheet than there was no hop aroma detectable. Also, great write up on the BJCP tasting exam scoring process; it can be a bit intimidating for new test takers. The graders use these proctor sheets and the sheets from your exam peers to form an impression of the 6 beers and you are graded against that impression.

In response to many requests, we are providing some examples of what we consider very well done scoresheets that were completed during actual BJCP dheet. You need to practice writing scoresheets as much as possible so that you can learn how to do it well, and within the time limit.


So here it is! The draft guidelines haven’t yet been officially approved, but some competitions, like the Missouri Masher’s Hot Summer Brew Offare already slated to start using the new guidelines this year. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

The baltic porter was fairly roasty in malt quality and too intense in quantity to be a world class example. Scoring Accuracy — How close was your assigned score to the score assigned by the proctors and your peers. Described perceived flavours correctly. You are then evaluated based on these 6 scoresheets and assigned a test score by the graders.

BJCP Exam Scoresheet Examples

Also make sure to cover everything hinted in small print in each section. Target at least one feedback item per scoring guide range they need to pass through to hit 50 pts.

Three Four The third pair were done by another judge who has been with the program for a long time, and recently took the exam again. Our Social networks Facebook Instagram.

As you can see in the picture below from my exam, you are graded on five things. You need to do this for each of the applicable components listed in small print beneath the section headings pictured below. Whereas to accurately assess your score, they are looking at how close is what the shdet to what they should perceive in the BJCP guidelines.

A few oversights brought down my scores though.