BLOWGUNS. The Breath of Death. The blowgun, sometimes also called a blowpipe or blowtube, has a long but not necessarily well-documented history. The blowgun is a mysterious tool of silent death. Michael Janich reveals the many secrets of its capabilities and uses: how to buy or make your own blowgun and. Buy a cheap copy of Blowguns: The Breath Of Death book by Michael Janich. The blowgun is a mysterious tool of silent death. Michael Janich reveals the many.

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CHAPTER 7 W ith a vlowguns hours work yon can pre- pare a supply of the darts des- cribed in the previous chapter that will enable you to meet most of the chal- lenges Tor which a blowgun is suited.


With steel darts, the maximum range of a blowgun of average length 4 to 6 feet approaches 70 yards. As you recall, these were intended to break off.

If you look for the type with square handle sections, you can take advantage of the hard skin of the bamboo to increase the hardness and penetrating power or the point of your dart.

Breath of Death Trie nexi step is to find a syringe or other needle with a base that is Lhe same diameter as the inside diameter of your brass or aluminum tube.

The senior students exchanged knowing looks, ‘teacher had a new toy. This mixture is made by taking two parts potassium chlorate and one part sugar and mixing them with a little water to form a syrup. Despite the introduction of modern weaponry, the primitive blowgun is still used as a hunLing arm today. Perhaps the next most common method of accessorizing a blow- gun is to camouflage it, iryou intend to use vour gun for hunting game with color vision, this is a necessity.

Be certain that the dowel is absolutely straight, as a warped or corkscrewed tne wilt not shoot accurately. My favorite dart material is gauge music wire i.

Blowguns: The Breath of Death – Michael P. Janich, Michael D. Janich – Google Books

The Breath of Death of strong siring longer than your gun and attach a small lead fish- ing weight to one end and a cleaning patch to the other. The first uses a fuel mix of mostly gasoline and oil wlLh a small proportion of sulfuric acid, which is added last and poured in very slowly. Modern blowguns are also used by veterinarians to deliver tranquilizer darts. Also, be careful not to rub your eyes or wipe your mouth with your hand w r hen handling poisons.


Sasha added it Nov 26, Music wire is not like ordinary’ steel wire, as It is made of high carbon steel and is heat treated to a springy hardness. This material is very light and works extremely well Tor short- and medium-size blowguns, However, when used for longer blowguns over 5 feet or so, it lends to sag a hit.

If you work slowly and carefully, though, either type will do. The best materials I have found that fit these requirements are aluminum, polyvinyl chloride PVCand brass. This tubing can be made of plastic, fiberglass, aluminum, brass, steel, or any number of other materials.

Blowguns: The Breath of Death

Extra darts are avail- able for only a few cents apiece. The large bore and short length ef this gun limit its effective range to about 20 yards. A cheap alternative to this is to wrap a piece of foam rubber around your gun near the mouthpiece and tie or tape it in place. Brian Howard marked it as to-read Jan 11, When they hit their target. Tb produce a homemade dart of this type, 1 use a cone made of rolled paper in place of the molded plastic.

The main reason, however, is that a longer barrel is easier to point than a shorter one.

This is especially important if you ever plan to use poison on your darts since even a small accidental cuL can pro- vide an entry route fur poison. This is not only economical but protects you from ibe sharp points of the darts.

Re mem Per that they will be coming in contact with your month, so avoid blowgunss that con- tained toxic substances. One of the easiest is to buy a length of shrink tubing used to cover the handles of tools and to bundle electrical wires] from a hardware store. Then Lake an X-acto hobby knife blade and clamp it in a pair of vise grips. The steel rod can be chucked up inio a hand drill and used like a regular drill bit.


Neither the author nor the publisher assumes breqth responsibility for the use or misuse of information contained in this book. If you look dewm the bore after a number of shots, you’ll see that the waicr vapor from vour breath con- denses and tthe there.

Again assuming that we are shooting a deahh gun. There is one tranquilizer dart that is specifically made for use with a blowgun. Remove the wire or ream out Lhe mouthpiece. Darts are also immune to the effects of age, unlike conven- tional firearm ammunition, which can suffer from dead primers if stored too long.

Once everything is clamped in place, the dowels con be removed and any excess glue swabbed out of tbe bore while it’s still wet. Although blowguns are not normally equipped with sights, the same principle applies. First grind it into a fine powder, then coat your dart shaft with a Lhin coat of vegetable shortening and dip the sides of Lhe shaft in the powder. Adjust the diameter of the plunger by adding or taking off tape so it forms a blowguhs fit inside the tube.

Although many people associate the h low- gun with the aboriginal Pygmies, the truth is that the blowgun Is unknown on mainland Africa. Then drop the dart into the muzzle and turn it a few Limes. For distant targets, lhe gap is small. If you’re really ambitious, you can start with a larger dowel and whittle, file, or turn it down to create a broad head point and a thin, integral shaft. I he power of the blowgun is obvious in blowgune phonograph.

The possibilities for creating distractions or for harassment, are obvious.