The Music of Bob Mintzer is a must-have for any saxophonist interested in composition and improvisation. This book features excerpts of Bob’s transcribed solo. Bob Mintzer solo on “You and the Night and the Music”. Here they are I’ve read through all of my old transcriptions and made my own corrections. Sometimes. More Bob Mintzer solos from Mint Jam! I was hoping to get this solo done and recorded before my jaw surgery, but alas that was not to be. I got the transcription .

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More Bob Mintzer solos from Mint Jam! I was hoping to get this solo done and recorded before my jaw surgery, but alas that was not to be.

Both in terms of the transcription and the performance. Lots of very fast passages, as well as some tricky altissimo. For all that is going on, the track still manages to swing — what a killer band!

The tune itself is pretty intricate.

The form took awhile to figure out. I was able to find a lead sheet online that helped make sense of it also why the chord changes are so detailed! Careful listeners will hear where my toddler knocked his toys over. The take where he accompanied me on drums had too many mistakes to use….


The Music of Bob Mintzer (Solo Transcriptions and Performing Artist Master Class)

I devoured these recordings trxnscriptions I was in high school. Our band played many of these charts over the years, and even commissioned Bob to write a chart for us and perform the world premier together with our band.

Bob was super nice and of course a great player. He thought it was funny, and remembered the band and my director from back then. This solo is great. Lots of changes, and some of the lines are very tough.

Bob Mintzer Blues Solo Transcription in 12 Keys

The bari solo by Roger Rosenberg on the track is also very good but very hard. I may get around to transcribing mintzeer some day as well.

And I also love the Yellowjackets! I was big into them in High School and have a bunch of Marc Russo Alto transcriptions in my notebooks somewhere. I need to find those. This track is probably my favorite Yellowjackets recording. I wish I had rtanscriptions few more hours to woodshed this and get it more solid.

  EN 1757-3 PDF

No, there is too much, let me sum up. I listen to him more than I listen to some saxophone players. I wore this album out several times over.

I had it on vinyl back in the day before it was released as a two-disc set. We commissioned a big band piece of his and he performed the premiere with us.

Bob Mintzer Archives – SDartSax

This fit the bill perfectly. The solo is funky, yet has some beautiful jazz lines and phrasing at the same time.

I really have to relax and try less hard if that makes sense to make it work. More Bob Monster solos from Mint Jam! This track has a bluesy, almost gospel feel to it. Les is Mo Instrument: