The Britlingens Go to Hell by Charlaine Harris This novel is a bit of an oddball in Charlaine Harris’ bibliography. Though officially it takes place in the Sookie. Title: The Britlingens Go to Hell Author: Charlaine Harris Series: The Southern Vampire Mysteries #9. In: Must Love Hellhounds (Charlaine. All about The Britlingens Go To Hell by Charlaine Harris. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers.

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The Britlingens Go to Hell by Charlaine Harris

May 13, Dina rated it really liked it Shelves: Soon Charlaine was looking for another challenge, and the result was the much darker Lily Bard series. Even though this was a short story, much of her past was talked about which really helped see where she was coming from. As for the hellhounds they play a minor role. She thought of her picture going up on the Wall of Shame, and her lip curled in distaste.

Their client, Crick, is an unusual fellow, and he wants to go to a place not many wish to go to. I memorized the addresses of all the Masters of the Dead in the city.

Magic Mourns by Ilona Andrews 5 stars Andrea takes a call for her friend Kate, who is recovering from a recent fight. The puppy was black as pitch, with big brown eyes and feet so big he promised to become a monster like his mom.


Batanya had a momentary image of being beneath one of the slugs as it moved with its slow, sure, rippling motion.

Several times various beings passed the mouth of their little hidey-hole, and brtlingens time the three held their breath until the footsteps had passed if the creatures had feet. Dec 30, Luv rated it liked it. Life on the surface above Hell was almost impossible because of the pools of gases that dotted the landscape.

Batanya turned to exchange a weak grin with Clovache. Follow paranormal bodyguards Clovache and Batanya into Lucifer’s realm, where they encounter his fearsome four-legged pets, in Charlaine Harris’s The Britlingens Go to Hell. I must get in and out of Hell as quietly as possible.

She is such a wonderful character and a great friend to Kate Daniels. Vampire Diaries 1 by L. Batanya admired his fortitude. There’s also lots of action, mythology, and violence that I’ve come to expect with Andrews’ stories. Enjoyable stories, going to try some of their other work. The two cells directly across from theirs were also occupied by humans.

I really liked Sir Pup the Hellhound in all of his incarnations. Paranormal fantasyVampires Pace: Finally, the sense of constriction eased. Geoff was a little bit more of a mystery to me. But overall this is a fun story that I really enjoy gl. Apr 09, Pete rated it it was amazing Shelves: It was something that was dragging itself along. Clovache tossed the blanket over the creature, and then she and Batanya threw themselves on it.


My least favorite is probably the final story, “Blind Spot” by Meljean Brookbecause the humans were greatly overshadowed by the hellhound accompanying them to me, anyway.

She wants in on the hunt, and Deacon soon realizes she has everything it takes to be the next Guild Director.

The Britlingens Go To Hell | Good Books > Read and Reviewed by Pooks

Batanya and Clovache are Britlingens. Britlingens are well trained, powerfully muscular bodyguards that belong to The Britlingen Collective. That was until I read the two penis comment…which just lead to a lot of questions and confusing thoughts… ones that I think are better left unsaid.

Batanya and Clovache are both part of the Britlingen Collective, highly trained bodyguards for hire, who are assigned an unusual client.

The Book Babe: The Britlingens Go To Hell by Charlaine Harris featured in Must Love Hellhounds

I know it is a short story and you have to jump into the action quickly, but I would have liked to bit more description of the rules of the world. Creatures in hell were very cool especially the slimy tunnel worms and the hell hounds with acidic blood.

Britlingens are hired hands, not the responsible parties.