10 Inspirational Quotes from Cakkavatti-Sihanada Sutta. Cakkavatti-Sihanada Sutta, which means The Discourse on the Lion-roar of the. 1 Sutta summary and highlights. SUTTA SUMMARY. The Cakka,vatti Sīha, nāda Sutta (D 26) gives an account of the wheel- turner or universal monarch. In illustration of his dictum that one should rely on oneself, the Buddha gives a detailed account of the fall of a kingly lineage of the past, and the subsequent.

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Among them, kudrusa-grain will be the chief food, just as rice and curry are today. To this, we must add the slave trade, the modern history of which began in the 17th century, not long after the advent of finance capitalism, and which has afflicted untold millions right up until the present day. Let the Dhamma be your island; let the Dhamma be your refuge, with no other refuge. Each step represents a halving, with a break at 2, andwhere the text states some beings only lived for 2, and years respectively, thus allowing the halving to continue.

Those people who live for ten years will have children who live for twenty years. When poverty was widespread, theft became widespread. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! That is what I call length of life for a monk. We are yours, Your Majesty.


And they explained to him the duties of a wheel-turning monarch. A case where variation in translation is desirable — but it should be indicated.

I had better make an end of him, finish him off once for all, and cut his head off. And how does a monk dwell as an island unto himself, as a refuge unto himself with no other refugewith the Dhamma as his islandwith the Dhamma as his refugewith no other refuge?

Sihaada this, he reported the fact to the King. He has more than a thousand sons who are heroes, of heroic stature, conquerors of the hostile army. Activate Chinese word lookup This enables word lookup for ancient Chinese texts. Seven days later the heavenly wheel-treasure vanished. That is happiness for a monk. And those who were ugly, being envious of those who were beautiful, committed adultery sihanad other’s wives.

The children of those whose life-span is twenty thousand years will live to be forty thousand, and their children will attain to eighty thousand years. Nevertheless, the technique by which this may be accomplished is called the Road to Power a.

And in whatever country the Wheel stopped, the King took up residence with his fourfold army.

Cakkavatti Sutta—Suttas and Parallels

They meditate observing an aspect of feelings … mind … principles—keen, aware, and mindful, rid of desire and aversion for the world. I have had my fill ssutta of human pleasures, now is the time to seek heavenly pleasures.

He will be attended by a company of thousands of monks, just as I am attended by a company of hundreds. Here, a monk develops the road to power which is concentration of intention accompanied by effort of will, the road to power which is concentration of energy Warder University of Toronto identifies the sword interval with a series of major wars.


Cakkavatti-Sihanada Sutta (DN 26)

Wide default Fluid Narrow. When lying was widespread, backbiting became widespread.

Another man denounced him to the Kingsaying: Thus he dwells suffusing the whole world, upwards, downwards, across—everywhere, always with a mind filled with loving-kindness, abundant, unbounded, without hate or ill-will. The newly crowned king followed the wheel-treasure wherever it turned and conquer many lands with dhamma. From Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia. He was brought before the King, who asked him: Sharp swords will appear in their hands, thinking: Once the Lord was staying among the Magadhans at Matula.

This process, however, is not over, as the Buddha predicts that eventually society will fall into utter chaos. That, my son, is the duty of an Ariyan wheel-turning monarch. He was a righteous and successful ruler.

From time to time you should go up to them and ask: Inference MN 16 Cetokhila Sutta: