Se stai cercando l’omonimo trattato di Marco Porcio Catone, vedi De agri cultura. 2 Testi superstiti; 3 Tematiche dei trattati; 4 Edizioni; 5 Traduzioni. Catone Censore. Opere. 2 vols. largely misapprehended text like the De Agricultura, he called attention “Le Origines di Catone iniziavano con un esametro? Le traduzioni poetiche da Livio Andronico a Cicerone. 9 This attempt follows those of Della Corte’s Catone Censore: la vita e la Cato’s wider written works: the De agricultura has long been recognised as a text born G. and Berengo, G. M. () Opere di M. Porcio Catone, con traduzione e.

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Marcus Cato was an important public figure, and his life is well known. The Loeb edition provides a summary in its Introductionand a separate section on the Manuscripts of Cato’s and Varro’s agricultural works, often transmitted together.


Carthago delenda est – Wikipedia

The English translation is by W. Ash, printed in the same edition.

Both text and translation are in the public domain. Well-meaning attempts to get me to scan text, if successful, would merely turn me into some kind of machine: The book is too long to fit comfortably on a single webpage.

Storia della letteratura latina (240 – 78 a.C.)

This transcription has been minutely proofread. As elsewhere onsite, the header bar at the top of each chapter’s webpage will remind you with the same color scheme. Should you traduuzione an error, however.

Further details on the technical aspects of the site layout follow the Table of Contents. Establishing and equipping traduziome farm. The essentials of running one. Recipes for bread, cakes, porridge, starch, purifying salt, cramming fowl.

LacusCurtius • Cato — De Agricultura

The many uses of amurca. Feeding cattle; feeding and clothing farm workers. Planting, harvesting, and pressing olives.


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