Cave of the Ancients has ratings and 14 reviews. It is here that T. Lobsang Rampa journeyed on the road to self-awareness, to these age-old repositories. First a short introduction for the reader who dont know the Rampa story. He Lobsang Rampa – had long time ago – in many earlier incarnations – been prepared. Lobsang Rampa is the pen name of an author who wrote books with paranormal and occult . Doctor from Lhasa (); The Rampa Story (); Cave of the Ancients (); Living with the Lama (); You Forever (); Wisdom of the .

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Jumping up excitedly, I exclaimed, “Then Tibet is saved! He led the way on. As I rmpa toward him he peered blindly in my direction, sensing rather than seeing. Tibetan Buddhism and the West. Lobsang Rampa journeyed on the road to self-awareness, to these age-old repositories of wisdom — where the Lamas learn Behind the great Himalayan range, there lies all-seeing, all-knowing power and enlightenment.

Months later the Mother-to-Be felt ‘a sudden quickening inside her as the Soul entered and the Baby came to life. Yet the possibility of others learning and anciebts these techniques for their own purposes has the parallel complaint of delineating what is genuine psychic development from what is merely fantastic imaginary indulgence.


My companions, as reluctant as I, followed behind. His works are highly imaginative and fictional in nature. For the power of supreme enlightenment and universal knowledge is only offered to a chosen few, to those introduced to the strange and exciting world of.

The Cave Of The Ancients : T. Lobsang Rampa :

Instead he has wandered, and wandered again. The red eye vanished. I have no doubts. Sharon Gallup rated it really liked it Mar 17, There was a “click” and the platform stopped. The Hidden Knowledge gives absolute power.

I was overcome by worry, thinking that he was ill, wondering how we should get him down the endless miles to safety. Strange machines rolled along, flew inches from the surface of the Earth, or flew miles up in the air. You, Lobsang, will have to travel alone. For the present, I am still weak from the last attack and thus must rest.

Over the face of the Earth wandered wild tribes who, by the light of their camp fires, told of the old legends, told of the Flood, of Lemuria, and Atlantis.

The Cave would sleep again in peace until men of goodwill and high intelligence would come again. The Jewish religion is old and tolerant. Land masses rose from the waters and became mountains. We rose and cace about us. Subash rated it really liked it Oct 01, Why it ends at that particular point is a mystery. So we come nearer to the ghost’s rate of vibration.


If one sees such a Spirit it is a matter for jest, the Seer is literally accused of ‘seeing things. When the last of the monks had hurried by he sighed deeply, and said, “Now I will andients. We made our surprisingly slow way to the Temple. Link to part 2 here the addition – about the true identity of Rampa: For some moments the Japanese stared at me, then motioned for me to sit.

Lobsang Rampa – Wikipedia

Anciients a lamasery, as in every community, rumours were often spread in confidential corners. Already I was some thirty feet in the air, and rising.

I climbed first, picking a very careful way. Ivair Gomes rated it it was amazing Apr 14, The whole life of this world is but the twinkling of an eye to that of the Other World.

Cave of the Ancients

He was hurrying too! We – modern men – were heating water over a dung fire, surrounded by such marvellous machines that they were beyond our comprehension. Our pictures faded, and we saw again the group of men who had planned the “Time Capsules”. Books by Gampa Lobsang Rampa. Not all men are pure; Lobsang, nor does a monk’s robe always cover a holy man.