This page contains information about the CSUN M (W) solar panel. To compare this to other PV modules, click here. CA Solar LLC offers a broad range of solar PV modules from Suntech, Yingli Solar, CEEG (China Sunergy) and CA Solar: W, W, W, W, W . offers 3 ceeg solar panels products. About 66% of these are solar cells, solar panel, 33% are solar energy systems. A wide variety of ceeg solar.

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A lot of people are wary of Chinese solar panels. But, as Cseg have said many times before, China also produces some fantastic quality stuff. The Macbook Pro I am writing it on certainly was and it is impeccably put together the laptop — not the blog!

And it is the same with solar panels. There is some absolute junk coming out of China, that will be lucky to last a few years in the Aussie sun. The bottom end panels in these factories are made from B or C grade solar cells which the other factories 520w rejected, and their environmental standards are horrendous.

At the other end of the scale, you have some first class solar panels coming out of gleaming factories in China with world class quality control in operation, and environmental standards as good as any western plant.

Their panels are certainly excellent. Of course, a lot of wary consumers are making sure they get quality by simply demanding panels made elsewhere, like Germany, Australia or Malaysia etc. The downside of this strategy, of course is that you will be paying extra dollars for non-chinese panels.

Extra dollars that a lot of householders would dolar not to spend! How do you know the truth? But here are the ones that I think deserve to be Tier 1.

But…there are still good Chinese panels which are not on that list, and they may be much cheaperpotentially saving you thousands on your solar system. Identifying those from the Chinese manufacturers that should not be touched with a bargepole has always been a challenge.

In early January those fun guys in the Chinese Government released a list of Chinese solar panel manufacturers that they approved of. They ended up with a list of battery, silicon and panel manufacturers who solarr approve. It sounds to me like a ceef by China to cull the Chinese panel oversupply and stop the relentless downward march of panel prices over ceef last 5 years. Now, the keen readers that downloaded the list liked to back there will have already realised that it is all written in Chinese!

Luckily I have a friend I can call on who can translate Chinese to English fairly well. Her name is Google Translate. When I ran the list through her and filtered out the battery and silicon producers I got this list:.

Well I pinged a few of them to ask. The 250d one to get back to me was Renesola who replied:. We submitted our name as ReneSola Zhejiang, however during the application process the following pnaels was entered onto the list. If it matches one of the companies on the second list, that is a sign that the company is probably one of the better Chinese solar panel producers. And if you think there are good Chinese panels not covered in those lists — feel free to harangue me in the comments!


I am sorry to have to disagree with you in one of your favourites, SunTech solar panels, they are a questionable company, in fact they all are questionable, how panles have pwnels bankrupt in the last 6 months. The Chinese change their minds like the wind and not all the time will they honour their warranties, and if they do they will make it cost you to get the product back and forth.

The sort of warranty you OUGHT to get from a company that has confidence in the quality panelx its product. The product is also imported into Australia by: You can check for yourself here: I would ask to see the certificate.

You can also contact the CEC on 03 and they should be able to confirm if if they were ever approved.

Yes — they have lots of panels on the CEC list. I would class them as a Tier 3 manufacturer. The defective ones we have appear to have two problems, poor quality EVA layers and defective lamination. Water entered the extrusion because of the lack of sealant in the extrusion. You should not be dealing with the Chinese company unless you are the importer. The Australian company that sold you the panels must honour all warranties including the statutory warranty under Australian Consumer law.

Be very careful importing Tier 3 panels. Some are good, but a lot of them are absolute garbage. Why not pay a few cents per Watt more and import Tier 1? On the strength of that there is probably a good case to have them struck off the CEC list. How does the CEC certification process work in Australia…? The CEC certification for panels works like this.

CSUN M (W) Solar Panel

The manufacturer sends the CEC a sample panel do you think they may cherry pick which ones they send? The CEC approval does not warrant that the company has an Australian office or will give good customer service. Cweg is why I always recommend using Tier 1 panels. CEC accreditation means very little. Legally the company that sold you the panels must honour the warranty. If the company that sold you the panels is having issues with the people they got the panels from that is their problem — not yours.

Australian Consumer Law is on your side! The advertising was true: Business is business, as they used to say. I cfeg and came up with all positives. Excerpt below from Gaining Green. Solar Stocks To Watch: Wuxi Suntech Power Holdings Co. Suntech confirmed the purchase in a statement on Monday.

The Wuxi, China-based Company expects to ship at least 2. Suntech Power Holdings Co.

ceeg solar panels

Yingli Green Energy Hold. YGE shares fell YGE return on equity ratio is recorded as YGE yearly performance is Gueishan, Taiwan from May through April This is just a stock exchange listing and means nothing about the quality of the solar panels they produce. You need to see the Q A statements and the testing of the panels to see if they are good or bad panels. Even those SMA inverters are burning out. I even offered them to try,anytime they like… I still await now.


And there are plenty of other examples. Gold is another such bullshit commodity: Or ask the man who owns one. I myself, am a contractor, that repairs these cheap and nasty installed units. There are many people out there ripping your money off you. I have never ever installed any of these panels,nor systems at all. I have found,in the tropical northern top end they fail: It looks good on paper when you buy that Tommy Hilfiger shirt but when you get it you find that is a different fabric and 3 sizes too small to which the supplier will reply bad luck its my shirt sizing and is not to western standards.

There in lies the rub…. But to be careful, if a panel is too cheap and their turnover is well, over the top you have to wait till the product is consumed to see if its an okay panel or not.

In the meanwhile they do make some good products so if the consensus is the product is good i would believe it.

From my own experience a TCL tv is top quality but a lenovo or Huawei smartphone is going to give you a lot of angst, mainly because they were conceived for the Chinese market. When I got my solar system it was from a company that only 25w the best whether from China or elsewhere. The difference they stated was in the panels that they have personally tested for over 20 years shows that Chinese panels produce less power after 10, 15 and 20 years than comparable panels they provide.

Apart from getting best value for money I have no axe to grind. I sometimes respond with the question: Or, put another way, bought eight of them for the same price and better warranty-service. I get suspicious at the jump about such claims: Word of mouth is a good starting point, but validated performance data is better than any opinion. Obviously data is a resource worth looking for, but you know what they say about that other data-resource: It seems the Americans are doing exactly what you accused the Chinese of!

According to the global marketing strategy of Perlight Solar Co. Solae hereby solemnly declare that from 1st Sept,all business activities conducted by the above mentioned companies and persons are not relevant to Perlight, and Perlight shall not be liable for any consequences caused by such business activities.

Perlight commits to all American customers by providing high quality photovoltaic Module solaf it always has. To guarantee the legitimate rights of American customers, Perlight will take all necessary legal means to fight against any fake and inferior Perlight products or any activities that may infringe the Intellectual property rights of Perlight.

Perlight promises its customer service policy will maintain the same for all American customers, and does apologize sincerely for any inconvenience caused by this decision.

The Company promise all American clients to maintain the current after-service policy, and apologize sincerely for the potential inconvenient to all clients. Any adjustment will be updated accordingly.