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Discussion in ceoestion Home Cinema Speakers ‘ started by penguinpaulDec 12, Dec 12, at 6: Jun 30, Messages: Hey, I’m after a subwoofer to replace my yamaha sw i think it is.

Reviews: Celestion S80 Powered Subwoofer | eBay

The sub is quite old and doesn’t seem to work in my room. Some areas are light on bass, some areas the bass hits you in the face. I am very limited on positioning it, but I really do want an upgrade now and these are the subs I’m currently looking at.

I use it for both music and films. Which out of those 3 subs would be best? The down-side is that I would have to get it on 8s0, as I am still 17 and thus can’t use the classifieds Thanks for any advice anyone can give! PSM1Dec 12, Dec 20, Messages: The issue you have with your current sub is due to the location and how it is interacting with your room. A new sub in the same location will probably have the same issue.


What you are hearing is cancellation and reinforcement of the sound. This is because you must velestion some sound reflections or a room size that is causing the sound waves to cancel each other out. Do you have a phase switch on the back of the sub? If so try setting it to a different setting.

If this does not solve the issue then you are going to have to try and move the sub.

By getting a new sub and putting it in the same location you will still have the sound waves potentially cancelling each other out. In general you will get more bang for your money by going secondhand compared to new.

Hey, thanks for the fast reply. The phase switch unfortunately doesn’t help.

Celestion S80 Subwoofers

However the reason I was considering a new sub was that I was wondering if getting a downwards firing sub would help? And if so, would something like this be any good: I do not think downfiring will help because it is to do with standing waves within the room so it is all about location.

The speaker fires 8s0 but then the wave will radiate out from there horizontally so will still set up standing waves.

Dec 12, at ss80 I would try moving your sub around to see how it sounds once in the correct place. Your current sub is not a bad budget sub and actually appears to have a reasonably low frequency response. If you do want to rpelace it I think going for another cheap budget sub is not really going to give you much more may even give you less.


I would really get your current sub working correctly in your room first and you may find it gives you what you are looking for anyway. You could then save for a bit and get a higher level sub to give you a real upgrade in terms of performance.

Dec 12, at Okay will spend some time trying to move it around. However, whilst on ebay I impulse bidded and Celestiin must log in or sign up to reply here. Share This Page Tweet. Your nickname or email address: Do you already have an account?

Celestion F S80 – subwoofer – wired Series

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