The case traces chotuKool’s development and evolution from an initial product concept Could chotuKool really redefine the company and bring refrigeration to . Godard and Boyce: Checkout Case study Question and Answers Q 1. Assess the business case for Checkout. What are the critical success. chotuKool: “Little Cool,” Big Opportunity. chotuKool: “Little Cool,” Big Opportunity. case study. Rory McDonald · Derek C.M. van Bever · Efosa.

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VLFM has been a foundation course for us to learn the essential breakthrough skills. Distribution channels were also arranged with the help of local Nags which helped n building the trust required by the consumers. This product was made keeping the rural folk and their needs in mind. When it was launched it was the cheapest product. To create an affordable and attractive food storage solution for people who had never used a refrigerator, Mr. Therefore launching a product in such a market would require a proper pricing strategy.

Also being present in both the markets with the same reduce would call for different promotional strategies. Chotukool is improving the quality of life of rural households in India.

Sunderraman predicts that the next version of Chotukool will bring cooling temperatures down to between 2 to 8 degrees — it will chotikool possible to store vaccines and other medicines.


Inthey began importing Indomie noodles. The criteria that Checkout should follow to evaluate Its strategy of launching Checkout should be: However, he cautioned that IP should not be used as a barrier to access but rather should support the broad diffusion of innovations. All these factors play an Important role In ten success AT ten product sales.


We would also like to acknowledge the contributions of thought leaders like late Prof CK Prahlad and Prof Clayton Christensen whose inspirations and intellectual inputs provided deep insights in this journey. And finally we have a dream that some day in future, Chotukool like products will help deliver vaccines to the children at the BOP in wide spread rural hinterland where there is limited healthcare infrastructure, electric grid power and transport.

Business and Environment Business History Entrepreneurship. Godard involved the villagers in almost every stage of production and marketing. First Godard conducted research with Disruptive Innovation in mind and designed Checkout. And finally we thank all of you and JICA for giving as an opportunity to share our learning in this august gathering. As the opportunities outnumber the threats in this market, Godard and Boyce should invest in this plan.

What challenges do you envisage for Godard in its Journey of taking Checkout to various geographical markets across the country? We also consciously remained frugal —focused on low cost to end user, worked with small teams and kept investments very low.

Diversity and different cultures pose different challenges.

Checkout, a cooling product is a low-cost solution for non-users. We also started the commercial sales. It certainly improved the living standard of those who used the product. Does it entail any studt for Godard?

chotuKool: ‘Little Cool,’ Big Opportunity

Disruptive Innovations address the basic needs of the simple customers with easy, simple and affordable solutions. Chotukool project faces the challenge of thinly spread market, low earning power of the consumers, limited awareness of users and vast cultural diversity. For chorukool marketing campaign, the company relied on word-of-mouth recommendations. A good field study of its target market that is of the rural area gave the target market for the product.


Godrej Chotukool: Case Study | Rohan Kumar –

The sales may be affected and the focus or the target market cgotukool be confused. Therefore according to me the target market for a business model must be clearly defined as the marketing in a huge diversified country like India becomes difficult to manage.

With the launch of such a product Godard has reinvigorated growth in its venerable household appliance business. Also creating a market making the consumers who were largely non users of refrigerators into a potential consumer. It is through cooperation and collaborations, the problems of the society would be ultimately addressed! Hence the overall corporate strategy was a carefully planned one. It was made according to the needs of the rural customers.

Therefore Godard must come up with new ideas to promote Checkout. Observation and interview skills learned from VLFM program were used to gain deep insights of the BOP consumers in their natural habitat. I have been fortunate caase work with Prof Shiba and experience a transformation in my leadership approach.