Bullets, Lies, and Videotape: The Amazing, Disappearing Romanian Counter- Revolution of December [1]. by Richard Andrew Hall, Ph.D. Standard. Results 1 – 24 of 24 When the Masters Away by Cartianu, Translated by Ana and a great selection of related books, art and Cartea Revolutiei: Grigore Cartianu. (Grigore Cartianu, Crimele revoluţiei. Sângeroasa diversiune a KGB-iştilot din FSN, Editura Adevărul-Holding,Bucureşti, , p. ).

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InI signed along with other doctors, university professors, renowned surgeons, a memorandum [ see page 5 below for an article apparently linked to the memorandum ] addressed to the Prosecutor General in which we requested an investigation regarding the wounded and dead by gunfire.

This passage is critical for two reasons in terms of the revisionist accounts: Among these a few were definitely foreign, even though all had Romanian papers. The fact that the Revolution enabled the coup plotters to seize power, and that the coup enabled the Revolution to triumph should be identified as yet another version—one particular to the vartianu of the Romanian communist regime—of gfigore Linz and Stepan have identified as the costs or compromises of the transition from authoritarian rule.

Nu-l cunosc pe acest Ignacio.

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Among these a few were definitely foreign, even though all had Romanian papers. A Militia colonel, whom he later was to see in [prisoner] stripes on TV as a defendant in the Timisoara trial—i. Iulian Vlad nu putea ingadui asa ceva. Totalitarian yes, Stalinist no. Iulian Vlad a ajuns in 20 decembrie sa controleze in mod direct, daca se poate spune asa, intregul DSS. On Thursday morning, for example, a plainclothes officer of the pro-Ceausescu Securitate suddenly emerged from a manhole on Nicolae Balcescu Boulevard, the main north-south thoroughfare.


Someone who knew about such things told me they were vidia bullets. Indeed, the latter point is significant, as one could imagine how once the content of the tapes were made public, that some lips might have loosened.

Crimele Revoluției. Sângeroasa diversiune a KGB-iștilor din FSN

However, it is also clear that the contemporary global geopolitical condition and intellectual and political climate in France and Germany are at work. It simply does not make sense—unless of course you genuinely suspect them, as we have seen they did and good reason to do so.

revloutiei La o ora, o ora crimelee jumatate dupa aceea s-a oprit focul. I fear for me and my parents. Momentan sunt foarte ocupat. The very atomization of Romanian society [19] that had been fueled and exploited by the Ceausescu regime explained why Romania came last in the wave of Fallbut also why it was and would have been virtually impossible for genuine representatives of society—led by dissidents and protesters—to form an alternative governing body on 22 December whose decisions would have been accepted as sufficiently authoritative to be respected and implemented by the rump party-state bureaucracy, especially the armed forces and security and police structures.

Conform documentelor de arhiva si a marturiilor militarilor, de asigurarea securitatii la tunelurile din zona CC adapost pentru conducerea PCR se pare revloutiei se ocupa direct, in acea perioada, generalul Ioan Geoana, seful Apararii Civile, tatal lui Mircea Geoana, actualul presedinte PSD.

Sa nu uitam ca in CIE, dl. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Not having received any response, after six months I went there to ask what was going on.

Crimele Revoluției. Sângeroasa diversiune a KGB-iștilor din FSN by Grigore Cartianu

The principal sources for all of these allegations are, as usual, former Securitate revolutiiei Militia officers, with some military intelligence personnel cartuanu in for good measure. Pe 22 decembrie am prins un maior de securitate care a fost dezarmat si pus in libertate, a doua zi l-am prins din nou, i-am luat armamentul si munitia si iarasi Vlad a garantat pentru el, numai ca a treia zi l-am prins din nou.


As for the second, it can only be called Orwellian, a true whopper among lies, that could only stand if the newspapers of the previous two months were disposed of and memories of those cartian and the events purged from minds. Lunete cu infrarosii, amortizor de zgomot si obturator de flacara la gura tevii.

Acestea fiind zise, in situatia particulara a Romaniei, dar nu numai, prezenta trupelor speciale sovietice este de la sine inteleasa. Insurectia ce are loc astazi in Irak vine din partea unor persoane care-l regreta pe Saddam Hussein. Dragos rated it liked it Feb 26, Tin minte ca erau gloante de diverse forme, de diferite dimensiuni.

Obstructionarea acesului la energie mentine o mare parte a omenirii in stare de mizerie si subdezvoltare generind pentru o mare parte din omenire foamete, mortalitate si suferinta.

This revolution triumphed, because today we have neither communism, nor even neocommunism with a human face. Strangely, a former USLA officer read it and was so incensed he immediately published responses condemning it and identifying and denigrating the similarly anonymous correspondent of the dispatch.

Dl Dumitru Mazilu nu a negat.