Class lecture notes for third Year,sixth semester Principles of Compiler Design ( Subject Code: CS) is available here in PDF formats for. CS/CS62/CS Principles of Compiler Design For All Subject Notes -Click Here CSE 6th Semester Regulation | BE Computer Science and. Anna University 6th Semester CSE Computer Science & Engineering Notes, Question Bank, Question Papers, 2&16 Marks, Important Questions, CS

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Note for Compiler Design – CD By Dr. D. Jagadeesan

Anna University — B. The role of the lexical analyzer- Input buffering-Specification of tokens-Recognition of tokens-A language for specifying lexical analyzer.

Single Pass Compiler 2. Load and Go Compiler 4. Debugging or Optimizing Compiler.

CS Principles of Compiler Design: Notes

Many software tools that manipulate source programs first perform some kind of analysis. Some examples of such tools include: Analysis of Source Program: The analysis phase breaks up the source program into constituent pieces and creates an intermediate representation of the source program.


Analysis dexign of three phases: A Compiler operates in phases, each of which transforms the source program from one representation to another. Certain tokens will be augmented by a lexical value.

This process is known as parsing. A convenient representation is in the form of a syntax tree.


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Note for Compiler Design – CD By Dr. D. Jagadeesan

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