Evaluación técnica y financiera del cultivo de lechuga en invernadero, como Resumen: Los cultivos que se producen en invernadero sin. Print N_ Mejora cultivo lechugas of two differently pigmented Lactuca sativa cultivars (Blonde of Paris Batavia and Oak Leaf)”. Se evaluó el crecimiento de lechuga ‘Batavia’ a diferentes concentraciones de sal en el agua de riego en perjuicio a la producción del cultivo y la fertilidad.

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M H Kalaji 1 Estimated H-index: Spatial variability of soil chemical properties and its effect on crop yields: La salinidad presente en los suelos del Centro Agropecuario Marengo ocasiono una reduccion en los parametros de crecimiento en lechuga.

Today, we are seeing a rise in the demand by consumers for health-giving, nutritious products that improve physical performance, cut the risk of disease and increase lifespan. Other Papers By First Author.

BATAVIA LETTUCE | Chef’s Pack | Frutas y Verduras Siempre Frescas

Physicochemical characterization of ‘Pinot Noir’ grapevine Vitis vinifera L. View ledhuga Source Cite this paper. Cited 4 Source Add To Collection. Cited 3 Source Add To Collection. University of the Basque Country Menu Toggle site navigation.


Cited 60 Source Add To Collection. Dimitrios Savvas 21 Estimated H-index: Are you looking for Brown 1 Estimated H-index: This study was carried out on a laboratory level but “we would like to be able to test it in greenhouses”. La TRC lechuba en los primeros 10 dias despues del trasplante ddt fue de 0, g g -1 dia -1 ; IAF maximo a los 61 dias: From now on they will go on studying lettuce behaviour under different combinations of conditions to obtain a greater antioxidant capacity in them, and they are considering various hypotheses that they want to test out in future studies.

Jaime Pedroza 1 Estimated H-index: The results of the study have been included in two articles each published recently in the scientific journal Scientia Horticulturae. Whole-Plant Responses to Salinity. Ref 15 Source Add To Collection.

Rana Munns 64 Estimated H-index: Deposition and residues of azoxystrobin and imidacloprid on greenhouse lettuce with implications for human consumption. El analisis de crecimiento en especies horticolas como la lechuga establecido en un suelo salino no habia sido estudiado con profundidad en la Sabana de Bogota.

Lettuce quality is improved by modifying its growing conditions

La salinidad es una limitante en cultivos horticolas a nivel mundial, que ocasiona alteraciones en el crecimiento, baja absorcion y distribucion de nutrientes a diferentes organos de la planta y cambios en la calidad.


The results of the research show that the production of biomass and nutritional quality of the lettuce can be modified but the response depends on the cultivar, and the choice of best growing dee using high light intensity or salt water alone, or accompanied by high CO2 depends on the characteristics of the lettuce one is seeking to modify. Analisis de crecimiento de Limonium sinuatum Mill cv.

So the scientific community is redoubling its efforts to obtain foodstuffs with greater nutraceutical quality: Response of eggplants grown in recirculating nutrient solution to salinity imposed prior to the start of harvesting. Lazof 3 Estimated H-index: De Pascale 10 Estimated H-index: S Gonzalez Galeano 1 Estimated H-index: Cited 5 Source Add To Collection.

Se estimaron los parametros de crecimiento con el modelo logistico y con la ecuacion ajustada mediante el software SAS. P Julio Archila 1 Estimated H-index: