Why are people around the world so very different? What makes us live, buy, even love as we do? The answers are in the codes. In The Culture Code. The Culture Code – by Clotaire Rapaille. ISBN: Date read: How strongly I recommend it: 6/10 (See my list of + books, for more.). Dr. Rapaille: Culture Codes Deciphered 2. The mysterious world of consumer behavior revolves around individuals’ cultural psyche. A world renowned cultural .

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We probably understand the destination but getting there is an entirely different subject matter. Don’t have a Kindle? There’s no indication any of his “findings” would be verified by a repeated study.

The French view is social and familial. But more important than money or the dry, conceptual intelligence is the insight and wisdom that can come from these observations.

Maybe some Codes are questionable, but generally matches my international experiences. In The Culture CodeDr. I know this review doesn’t make a lot of sense until you’ve read the book, so I’m just gonna say, DO IT! But, it would be much more interesting if there are more information on how he conducted his focus groups.

Rather than selling instant coffee to a country dedicated to tea, they created desserts for children infused with the flavor of coffee but without the caffeine. He is already, that’s the joke Instead, he publishes this book and lets us use his discoveries as a lens through which to view ourselves and the world around us.

And now, in The Culture Codehe uses it to reveal why Americans act distinctly like Americans, and what makes us different from the world around us. It’s arrogant, it’s baseless, it’s marketed as psychological nonfiction when it’s really a load of crap.

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What I encountered was remarkable. Americans on the other hand, are not allowed to drink until age 21, and therefore the association that they create is often one of danger and recklessness, because they learn to drink dulture a much later age and in an underground fashion.

Aug 04, Uwe Hook rated it it was amazing. This intriguing book by Clotaire Rapaille posits an interesting premise; that very often we prefer or purchase things for reasons not apparent to our rational minds.


Don’t get me wrong, it’s very interesting. Why do we reject the notion of perfection? The only thing I agree with is that you can’t find out what people think about something or want from something by asking them. Rapaille considers these emotions to be of prime importance, because the emotions determine our preferences, even for such mundane items as cars and coffee.

While this may be a tendency, there are clearly times when people’s rationality over-rides their emotions, and even times when people sacrifice survival for a non-survival goal. The answers are in the Codes. This is not a global ralaille in any sense. His skills were ideal for getting past the answers from the conscious mind “alibis”, which also matter so often garnered in market research, and delving into what he calls “the reptilian mind,” where the earliest experiences are recorded, as well as the emotions attached to them.

I structured a three-hour session with each of the groups. I have a better understanding of Ameri Wow! Now, obviously, these aren’t universal values held across clde Americans, but it’s cultural context by which you can get a better understanding of our country ’tis of thee culure its inhabitants. Way back when Isaac Asimov ruled the Science Fiction world, he introduced the concept of “psychohistory” – the idea that you cannot predict what an individual will do, but with a sufficiently large population, you can apply a probabilistic framework to predict the general flow of future events.

East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. Emotion, he writes, is the energy required to learn anything. For example, French people form an early Association with alcohol which links drinking with a social family atmosphere, because French children are often given a small amount of wine to drink by their parents at an early age.

The answers are in the Codes. His pioneering approach led to conclusions and recommendations that sounded weird to his clients, and apparently it was not easy for him to get his innovative ideas of change through.

In the introduction and first chapter Rapaille lays out his core thesis and theory, such as it is Chapter One – though he adds significant further elements in later chapters, particularly the concept of “alibi” in Chapter 9 and the primacy of the “reptilian” in Chapter 4 – and a summary of his research method culure which the findings are based.


This is a super cool book!! It’s also true that a few of his findings are overgeneralized or oversimplified or even questionable, but that tends to come with the territory, since social science is inherently somewhat fuzzy, so we can’t expect the same rigor, precision, and replicability as physical science.

Jan 29, Gayle rated it it was amazing. Americans on the other hand, are not allowed to drink until age 21, and therefore the ass This is one of the more rapaillw books I’ve read in quite a while.

The Culture Code, by Clotaire Rapaille | DiversityMine

Rapaille argues that America, and by extension, our culture is an adolescent nation. About The Culture Code Why are people around the world so very different?

Therefore, the Codes — the meaning we give to the Jeep at an unconscious level — are different as well. One has only to look at differences between generations to see that cultures change at least with each new generation. Sherry No preview available – rapaill However, it did not build on the good start. I have used the rapaillee in this book in political action groups I’m involved in, and I’ve used it for my own self-development projects.

The Culture Code

As I was reading it I thought it could be a good book to start a conversation in an American Culture or Intro Sociology course. Why is fat a solution rather than a problem?

Just keep asking and get them to talk about it for three hours. Pages with rapxille products.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. You have to observe behavior.

Overall, I think this is an interesting and enjoyable book which tapaille meaningful insight into various cultures, especially American culture, so I recommend it to anyone with an interest along those lines.

About Clotaire Rapaille Dr. What can I do for them? I’m not sure if these are all new or just different names to similar concepts say Actually I’ve already read it last year but I didn’t finish it.