Datacom Products Telecommunications Protection The Cutler-Hammer () 16 () PMUDF 1X23PMUDF PMUDF 2X23PMUDF PMUDF , Cutler Hammer , PW GH V PMUDF, Cutler Hammer PMUDF, Low Voltage Fixed Capacitor Bank. Eaton is a global technology leader in diversified power management solutions that make electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power operate more efficiently.

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Home Documents Tb e. Post on Oct 57 views. Cutler-Hammer whole home Surge Protectors by Eaton Corporation for whole house protec-tion installed at the loadcenter. Plug-in surge strips for home and commercial applications. Visor and CVL Retrofits: Suppressors externally mounted to distribution equipment.

Suppressors built into switch-boards, panelboards, motor control centers and busways. Surge suppression designed to facilitate easy integration in all types of gear.

Series hajmer for up to 20 amperes, single-phase protection for PLCs, control equipment. Hardwired surge filter that protects critical loads up to 5 amperes. Series filter 20 amperes single- and 3-phase for robotics, rectifiers, automation equipment.

Modular protection for multi-pair applications.

Eaton – Cutler Hammer Part Numbers

Hardwire connected 1 or 2 pair protectors. Datacom Products Telecommunications Protection The Cutler-Hammer Clipper Power System Visor Series Tc Panel-boards, electrical distribution prod-ucts, and family of surge protection devices are the total downtime protec-tion package solution for your wireless telecommunications shelter. Visor Tc Panelboards Available in standard and custom configurations. A full range of factory installed modifications and accessories. Fully rated or series rated.

February For more information visit: Surge Strip Series plug-in surge protection. CHSP protects all residential loads. Only product available with three levels of protection ac, telephone, cable.

Single point ground eliminates differential ground voltages. Value-added package for contractors and home builders. Surge Strips plug-in surge protection commercial grade. Ideal package for any commercial facility. Data signal link protectors. AEGIS for critical load applications. Able to meet any competitor TVSS specification. Significant performance advantage using integrated Visors the preferred choice of consultants.


Quick-ship capabilities from satellites and service centers. The industrys most comprehensive diagnostics ensure safe operation. Sag correction for low and medium voltage applications. Clipper Power System Visor Series Integrated and Retrofit switchgear, switchboards, busway, panelboards and automatic transfer switches.

Visor Series MCC offers surge suppression for drives available for retrofit and new installations.

SRT power conditioning for voltage sag problems. EVR ideal for voltage regulation problems.

Ability to meet customized requirements. Small footprint series and parallel power filters. Independently tested at lightning labs.

Eaton Corporation

Experience in worldwide applications. February CAE For more information visit: This approach minimizes overall lifecycle costs and optimizes facility uptime. The following is a rec-ommended design approach for imple-menting facility-wide Eatons Cutler-Hammer power protection solutions. The most accepted design methodology is based on two concepts: Ensure proper grounding conditions exist.

Surge protection should be installed at key distribution panels and critical loads. Surges also known as transients due to lighting, utility grid switching and other sources travel on current carrying conductors through-out the home, which can effect and destroy sensitive electronic loads. The SolutionEaton has developed the most com-prehensive family of surge protection devices and lightning arresters installed at service entrance and point-of-use locations, providing quality power required for sensitive electronic loads.

Two-stage surge suppression should be provided for all cables entering a home, including power, Internet, coaxial and telephone.

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Primary Protection for Service EntranceThe best place to install surge protec-tion is at the electrical entrance point loadcenter or breaker panel. This is often where ac power, telephone lines and cable lines are located.

Applying a CHSP product to your service entrance stage 1 will reduce cutker voltage surge to an acceptable level for appliances and surge strips see Figure For added protection, it is recommended that you install surge protection for your cable and telephone cutper at the service entrance. Your ac, cable and telephone lines will all have the same ground potential, in one common location, for passing the surge away from your equipment.


Secondary Protection for Point-of-UseA quality Cutler-Hammer SurgeTrap surge strip is recommended for sensi-tive electronic loads like computers or entertainment centers.

Using a SurgeTrap surge strip stage 2 reduces any voltage remnant down to an acceptable level. The Home Electronic Protection Panel HEP is an internally mounted unit that provides industrial 1223pmudf surge protec-tion in a residential design. The CHSP is available in four models and provides protection for all residential electrical equipment by reducing power surges, often caused by light-ning, to an acceptable level for appli-ances and electronics.

These units can be mounted in any manufacturers breaker panel loadcenter. Ccutler plugged into the first two stabs at the top of the loadcenter just below the main breaker or main lug, it provides surge protection for the entire loadcenter.

This device is suitable for service entry locations installed in accordance with NEC Article The CHSA is ideal for protecting sensitive appliances and electronics, such as refrigerators, microwave ovens, and home computers. This easily plugs into a single-phase Type BR loadcenter and occupies two 1-inch When plugged into the first two stabs at the top of the loadcenter just below the main breaker or main 12p3mudf, it pro-vides surge protection for the entire loadcenter.

The CHQSA is ideal for protecting sensitive appliances and electronics, such as refrigerators, microwave ovens, and home computers. It is ideal for 123;mudf outdoor lighting, garages, sump and irrigation pumps, etc.

It provides protection for com-mercial electrical services especially those using electric motors. Point-of-Use Surge ProtectionEatons Cutler-Hammer Surge Strip series, plug-in surge protectors offer exceptional protection for electrical and electronic devices. Construction series surge strip products are also available. Surge Protection Devices 15 and 20 ampere available.