Micros offers: PIR sensor DB SENBA – Supply Voltage: 3~15V, operating temp: 30~70°C, Output Signal[V p-p]: >= mV Sensitivity: data sheet. DB Datasheet PDF Download – DB, DB data sheet. pir db datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format.

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The platform, using dual element Pyroelectric Infrared Sensors PIR sensors, rotates itself independently to direct air flow to whatever position a person moves to.

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It requires physical effort which may be difficult if the fan is large or the user is of elderly age. High Level Design Rationale datashfet sources of the project idea: The PIR sensors measure infra-red light that is radiated in their field of view. If the motor was stationary before the task was signaled, this task sets the global variable motorDirection to clockwise.

If the variable motorDirection was equal to stop, no operation will occur. They each contain two internal compensating pyro electric windows, one positive and the other negative, to minimize disruption from sources such as temperature variation. Therefore, for optimal operation, if the person using the fan decides to change location, it is suggested that they wait a few seconds before relocating again to allow the output to settle. The lazy Susan was connected to a pin on the development board with an activated pull up resistor.


We placed an O-ring around the standoffs and the motor shaft to increase the gear ratio, slow down the platform eatasheet speed, and produce more torque. In addition it may require multiple attempts before actually getting the fan to redirect air flow in the exact desired direction.

We also would like to thank Kerran Flanagan and Adam Papamarcos for letting us use their website design. Our solution to this problem consists of two dual element PIR sensors directed in the same direction as the fan.

(PDF) D203B Datasheet download

Task 6 This task makes sure that the fan can only rotate at an angle of degrees to avoid an unsafe situation such as tangled wires. It can operating with 2 wirepackage.

The interrupt service routine for this interrupt is entered each time Timer 0 overflows. This low to high transition is captured by the microcontroller and system operation begins. Results Speed of Execution The speed of execution was satisfactory for the most part. The sensors can be seen in Figure 3. The chip dwtasheet the signal from a PIR Pyroelectric Infrared sensor to detect the motion of a human body. The kernel API was introduced in class for our 4th lab.

This also allows the fan to track the person again if they were not detected previously.

If upon entrance into the ISR the value of the variable motorDirection was equal to counter clockwise, PORTA of the development board is set to a motor step to drive the motor. When we tested our design in a separate room, the performance was much more predictable. This task makes sure that the fan can only rotate at an angle of degrees to avoid an unsafe situation such as tangled wires.


Two metal strips, one on each side of the fan, were grounded.

pir db datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

When the device is triggered current flows through the BJT and a signal voltage proportional to the amount of current is produced. In addition, neither of us had air conditioning. Conclusions Final design analysis The results of the project were satisfactory. In addition each structure contained two pointers. On the other hand, the task may have been signaled by the sensor on the left while the motor was rotating counter clockwise.

Two additional pointers were created whose purpose was to store information about the motor sequence. Motors need to be isolated from the AVR. This is because they produce a high voltage spike when the current flow through them suddenly changes.

When a sensor detects the right amount of infra-red light a comparator output goes high. Switching between modes re-initializes all major parameters to their default values and x203b variable motorDirection is set to stop.