DA PAM 25-380-2 PDF

The procedures to implement supply control, item accounting, and transaction reporting are contained in Department of the Army (DA) Pamphlet (Pam) 2. DA Pam 25––2 Security Procedures for Controlled Cryptographic Items. ( Cited in para 2–) DA Pam –56 Logistics Supportability Planning and. DA Pam 25––2 Security Standards for Controlled Cryptographic Items. (Cited in para 3–) DA Pam –51 Risk Analysis for Army Property. (Cited in.

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Selected a satisfactory site and marked it in accordance with FM Reconciled the movement of parts between production control and supply support activity. Turn in overages according to local procedures.

Identified operational readiness float ORF monthly usage and accumulation. First-line leaders are the principal trainers in the unit because they directly supervise soldiers and lead crews, squads, sections, and teams.


Request shortages not already on order. Inform the commander of inventory results. Units have different training needs and requirements based on differences in environment, location, equipment, dispersion, and similar factors.

The person transferring the property keeps the original; the copy is provided to the person receiving the property. This publication is the soldier’s primary reference to prepare for a commander’s evaluation of MOS-specific tasks. Soldiers must perform tasks to the standards included in the task summary.

Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. Duty Position Training Requirements. Unless this publication states otherwise, masculine nouns and pronouns do not refer exclusively to men.


Enforced maintenance control procedures. This column lists the recommended duty position for which soldiers should 25-30-2 cross-trained. Once the best site is selected, the site will be 25-30-2 for location of equipment and control points. Locally reproduce the partially completed form when evaluating more than one soldier on the task or when evaluating the same soldier more than once.


Enforced quality control procedures. Entered applicable system operational data in Part 1. Senior Maintenance Management 2. Scaffold – Not Just a Name on a Wall.

Prepare DA Form or equivalent in two copies to subhand-receipt property. The selfdevelopment concept requires NCOs, as Army professionals, to take responsibility for remaining current in all phases of their MOS. Section I lists subject area numbers and titles used throughout the MTP. If the soldier va any performance measure, show what was done wrong and how to do it correctly. Identified work orders that were more than 30 days old. In the event the most current publications are not on hand, they will be placed on order.

The inventory will be conducted with the ppam on hand, and a memorandum will be prepared stating the procedures used for the inventory, if applicable.

Commanders must ensure that their unit training plans prepare the unit for war by enabling soldiers to develop and sustain proficiency in their MOS and skill level tasks. This column lists the corresponding duty position for the next higher skill level or military occupational specialty code MOSC the soldier will merge into on promotion.

Score the soldier GO if all performance measures are passed. Issued assets when priority designator and estimated repair time met established criteria.


Observe work flow to ensure item is assigned to appropriate section and repair person. Report damaged equipment to unit maintenance personnel for repair. Identified routes to potential sites.


Provided liaison support in accordance 25-830-2 FM This task can be performed in a field environment. Staked or marked locations for equipment that pertained to the unit. Leaders follow planned, progressive, sequential self-development programs developed by the individual NCO and his or her first-line supervisor to enhance and sustain military competencies.

Can the site be reached regardless of the weather or time of year? Ensure you take note of personnel, equipment, and logistic requirements when preparing for site selection. The task title identifies the action to be performed. They are also responsible for maintaining performance of all common tasks listed in the SMCTs at their current skill level and below. Regularly inventory property in accordance with applicable standard for example, monthly, quarterly.

25-80-2 data on missile equipment that was NMC at the close of the reporting period in Part 3. Overages will be turned in. 25-3380-2 —— —— 4. Compare the number of performance measures the soldier passes and, if applicable, which ones lam the task standards specified in the task summary. Self-development is a key component of leader development. Reviewed the form and corrected any errors. Identified SAMS-1 problem reporting procedures.

Identified roles and responsibilities.