The Digital Sprite 2 includes Dedicated Micros unique TransCoding technology to provide advanced networking functionality. The Digital Sprite 2 can. Dedicated Micros Digital Sprite 2 9-Ch Surveillance Recorder in Good Working Condition. NetVu Connected Digital Sprite 2 Plus 9-Ch CCTV Recorder. IPhone. Dedicated Micros is an innovative technology & video surveillance industry pioneer, encompassing surveillance equipment solutions, businesses & brands.

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Passwords The Digital Sprite 2 can be password protected to ensure only authorised Make a note of your passwords here: All of the relays are configurable within the menus. These products are subject to export restrictions under U. Hidden cameras can still be viewed over the network.

Do not move the unit whilst the power is connected. Only keep protected images for as long as necessary. Not Specified by Manufacturer.

Adjusting the number of pictures recorded every second also extends these may cause damage to the unit. The Digital Sprite 2 can support multiple alarm modules connected to the bus.

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IP connectivity and remote monitoring ddedicated. Up to 15 minutes of pre and post alarm footage is protected from being overwritten. This is the minimum time period in seconds from the start of the alarm that will alarm input or the zone OR input for the Digital Sprite 2 to initiate the alarm be protected from being overwritten. Setting are to factory default.


Rack mounting kit Installation A rack mounting kit is supplied with this product. Page 49 When you enter the Activity Grid screen, a 16 x 16 grid will overlay the image.

Digital Sprite 2

In either mode, this unit is capable of video recording speeds up to FPS for the combined video inputs. This allows important event footage to be quickly handed over to the authorities without having to surrender the entire unit or having to hook up a VCR to the back dediacted copy footage that way.

Users over the network can be notified of an alarm occurrence via E-mail or SMS. Attach the rear supports to the rack. Update Unrecognized Drdicated Code. Actions Edit the grid so that it covers the areas of the image that require monitoring for activity detection and remove the monitoring from the areas where there may Actions to be automatically activated when VMD is identified can be configured be continuous movement e.

The information provided on this page may be partial, incomplete, contain mistake Press and hold the Menu key to enter the installer menu.

Connecting additional alarm modules An example of connecting a remote alarm box to the Digital Sprite 2. Hidden Camera Function Any camera can be selected to record in the background without actually appearing on miceos monitor. The entries within the list section will be removed. Loop Record Mode Write Once Options This is the default setting for the Digital Sprite 2 and identifies how the unit stores images on the internal hard drives.


Dedicated Micros Digital Sprite 2 Setup Manual

Text Support Text support is a unique function that other manufacturers offer only as an option on select DVRs. The screen from the cable should be connected to the connector frame.

NetVu is also cross compatible with third-party products and SDKs to ensure future interoperability.

Alarm Deficated Highlight the relay and select it for test by using the buttons. This is used but is in good working condition Had to remove hard drives per customer request. Up to 16 alarm modules can be connected to the bus network. CCTV and Networking into a single box solution.

SCSI-2 narrow, pin, high-density connector. This allows the flexibility of controlling up to cameras from a installation process. This is especially useful in a network environment where MPEG-4 is streamed over a low bandwidth link to remote Internet users while local Intranet clients utilize the MJPEG format for high resolution viewing and recording.