Mar 15, With Description & Setting, you will learn how to make every detail count Ron Rozelle is the author of three books, including the P.E.N Prize. Description & Setting has ratings and 63 reviews. Marie said: Writing books are so dififcult to rate, because their value is in how they improve my w. 7 quotes from Description & Setting: ‘Readers want to know a few things right up front, like what the weather is like and the lay of the land, the color.

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If you’re serious about becoming a writer and you’ve already begun the journey, then this is one for the collection. Descrription shares his experience and knowledge of the craft in a general sense despite the focus on description and setting. For me, I preferred the older version. This is an excellent discussion of using dfscription and setting in writing fiction. It didn’t give me what I hoped for when I read it how to write about a specific place in the world, it just says “research it”- gee, thanks but maybe it is impossible to give that kind of advice.

Whereas before authors who descripption at this mystified me, Rozele feel confident that I can pick up settign book and tell you why the description works. About Ron Rozelle Ron Rozelle is the author of three books and teaches creative writing at workshops and universities.

A great deal of it you already know but may not have known the name for it for me that was ‘cadence’, new what it was, not what it was called. Here we get a look at ‘Time and Place’ and how to use both to fully develop your world.

The author, Ron Rozelle, explains weighty concepts without dumbing it down. The introduction, this chapter looks at just why you should give a hoot about setting and description, the functions they serve, along with some examples.


Description & Setting

You have to learn the techniques of what makes a novelist succeed in the 21st century – or carry on writing tomes for yourself. Characters, Emotions and Viewpoint Nancy Kress. The Best Books of Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. With plenty of examples of not just how and when to use ‘show’ but how and when using ‘tell’ can be appropriate, this chapter was one of the chapters that made this purchase worth it. The thing here is, this is a general guide on description and setting.

Book ratings by Goodreads. This two hundred and eight page tome might easily have been whittled down to one hundred and twenty five pages or thereabouts if the editor had been a wise one.

Whatever specialized information it has is too vague to be at all useful. Even though I’m a beginner in fiction writing, I only learned a swtting things from this book.

Description & Setting Quotes

Anyone willing to improve their craft. He took paragraphs to get to the point at times, and often interjected with irrelevant asides.

Usually the “telling” example was one sentence in length, but I’ve seen long paragraph that simply “tell” and after seeing it so frequently in YA, I think part of the reason is that its harder to recognize it in your own writing.

To tell a story well, a writer has to handle exposition, backstory, characterization, passage of time, and a host of other things. Good exercises if you’re interested.

Ron Rozelle – Wikipedia

I think I would have preferred to see more on that. Description description for literature vs description for popular fiction 3. This is the newer of the two and it relies more on internet-research. I think it takes a lot of hubris to say you don’t need to improve your craft; I worry what it says about me when I have to admit a book on writing didn’t work for me.

This one fortunately for you and me, is not. To add insult to injury, the aforesaid sentence is awkward in construction.


Description & Setting Quotes by Ron Rozelle

Jan 12, Monica Rodriguez rated it liked it Shelves: But once again, roozelle books wer I have both this version and also the older Elements of Fiction writing book on ‘Setting’ by Bickham. It’s easy to say this table is old and worn, the edges rescription and chipped.

Description and Setting Ron Rozelle. You can create a “to read” list just from that. I’ve had this book in my collection for some time, and tried once before to read and make use of it.

He took par This book covers the main points and strategies for writing description and setting, but it didn’t have a lot in the way of technique. Another reason to learn to observe better.

He uses a wide range of writers encompassing literature as well as popular modern fiction. I can usually get through a book like this in a day or two – two weeks after trying to give settiny a read, I am still only halfway through it and most likely will not finish it. Do not let the bad reviews put you off.

The author includes an excellent discussion of the writing process, too. Description has been a bit of a weak spot for me. One of the better craft books I’ve read and like the others in the Write Great Fiction series has lots of helpful information. This book covers the main points and strategies for writing description and setting, but it didn’t have a lot in the way of technique.

Build a Believable World How essential is setting to a story?