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What did you say her name was? Upon interacting with the mirror in Room once Alessa has — – appeared on the other side – Travis continues to orifins the image of the girl on the other side of the mirror Travis: That you, good buddy?

Islent cutscene will play eventually. I just want to end this. In the front room “Overdose” photo Area: You’ll have to go through the back alley behind the Staff Accomodation in order to get back to the Reception.

Follow the carpet toward the stage then turn right and grab the Health Drink from near the locked door on that side. Save your game then leave the Diner by stepping out the east door.

Silent Hill Origins – Walkthrough/guide

Well, see you around. Good wombs can bear bad sons, they say. Go back to the Men’s Dressing Room then touch the mirror to go back to Otherworld. The woman looks at Travis then leans back against the side of the building. Enter Alchemilla Hospital Travis will start out on a bench in the middle of the town of Silent Hill.

Kaufman wants to meet me over at Cedar Grove Sanitarium and he’ll be mad if I’m late! There is nothing to find there and no other rooms to get to from there, so there is no reason in touching it for the moment other than curiosity.


Where hilk Travis begins to faint as sounds of an ambulance in the distance are heard Travis: The turn located at the intersection of Simons and Detonad is a little confusing since it curves to the right then quickly turns back to the left. With a worried look Travis runs away. Return all the way back to the Reception room now My stats for that playthrough: The door to the Women’s Restroom is locked from the other side. Walk over to the second toilet and interact with it.

I thought I was the only one in here.

Enter Rooms and and grab the items inside of them then leave each room. Sorry, did I startle you? Lying on the bench behind the box office Detonaado Map Area: Unlock the door at the other end of this room for easy access to the outside area on the other side.

Silent Hill Origins – Walkthrough/guide

Run to the bottom then open either of the doors that lead to the first floor corridor to the east of the Front Lobby. Be sure to oriyins all the items lying around on the way there. Wait for me here. Stand over a monster and press the X button to perform a finishing move.

  ASTM D4728 PDF

All doors other than the Female Treatment Room are locked on this floor. Be sure to save your “Special Save File” after the credits! Use the Wedding Ring on the slot while standing in front of the Rotary Calendar. Nice to meet you, Lisa. Cutscene – — WHEN: Plays after the “Gaining the Future Piece” cutscene — Travis lies on a bench in the hospital lobby Nurse: Walk past the “Welcome to Silent Hill” sign to trigger another cutscene. Jump into the hole in the bathroom to reach the floor below.

What happened last night?

Enter the Orchestra Storage room. Enter the corridor to the southwest and hll your way all the way back to the First Floor Middle Lobby. The Meat Gaff is actually a very rare item that can only be found in this room and one other area later in the game. Press the L button and recenter the camera behind Travis while aiming in order to get a peak at the boss’ location for a brief few seconds.

Run past the Carrion and open the door on the left at the end of the corridor.