POS Mediu_SMIS _Monitorizarea stării de conservare a speciilor şi habitatelor din România în baza articolului 17 din Directiva Habitate | POS. ti (Osteichthyes) din Directiva Habitate (92/43/EEC) de pe. teritoriul României. Pentru realizarea re. ţ. elei Natura în România, planuri. POS Mediu_SMIS _Monitorizarea stării de conservare a speciilor şi habitatelor din România în baza articolului 17 din Directiva Habitate.

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Valea Cepelor

Sections of water courses with natural or semi-natural dynamics minor, average and major beds where the water quality shows no significant deterioration. Member States may mark areas designated under this Directive by means of Community notices designed for that purpose by the committee. Davis Pulsatilla patens L. Protection of species Article 12 1.

Would you like to keep them? Primula glaucescens Moretti Primula spectabilis Tratt. Provided that there is no satisfactory alternative and the derogation is not detrimental idrectiva the maintenance of the populations of the species concerned at a favourable conservation status in their natural range, Member States may derogate from the provisions of Articles habittate, 13, 14 and 15 a and b: Where a species appears i this Annex but does not appear in either Annex IV or Annex V, the species name is followed by the symbol o ; where a species which appears in this Annex also appears in Annex V but does not appear in Habitare IV, its name is followed by the symbol V.

Franco Murbeckiella pinnatifida Lam. The committee shall deliver its opinion on the draft within a time limit which the Chairman may lay down according to the urgency of the matter. The Commission shall prepare a composite report based on the reports referred to in paragraph 1. Whereas, the main aim of this Directive being to promote the maintenance of biodiversity, taking account of economic, social, cultural and regional requirements, this Directive makes a contribution to the general objective of sustainable development; whereas the maintenance of such biodiversity may in certain cases require the maintenance, or indeed the encouragement, of human activities.

The results of the assessment undertaken shall be forwarded to the committee for information. Seidl Festuca brigantina Markgr.

EUR-Lex – L – EN – EUR-Lex

Fernandes Myosotis lusitanica Schuster Myosotis rehsteineri Wartm. In this context, a special area of conservation may be considered for declassification where this is warranted by natural developments noted as a result of the surveillance provided for in Article Provided that there is no satisfactory alternative eirectiva the derogation is not detrimental to the maintenance of the populations of the species concerned at a favourable conservation status in their natural range, Member States may derogate habitare the provisions of Articles 12, 13, 14 and 15 a and b:.


The votes of the representatives of the Member States within the committee shall be weighted in the manner set out in that Article. Picconia azorica Tutin Knobl. On the basis of these criteria, Member States will classify the sites which they propose on the national list as sites eligible for identification as sites of Community importance according to their relative value for the conservation of each natural habitat type in Annex I or each species in Annex II.

Holub Cheirolophus junonianus Svent. A draft of the part of the report covering the information supplied by a Member State shall be forwarded to the Member State in question for verification.

Such features are those which, by virtue of their linear and continuous structure such as rivers with their banks or the traditional systems for marking field boundaries or their function as stepping stones such as ponds or small woodsare essential for the migration, dispersal and genetic exchange of wild species. Such measures may also include in particular:.

Measures taken pursuant to this Directive shall take account of economic, social and cultural requirements and regional and local characteristics. They shall exchange information for the purposes of proper coordination of research carried out at Member State and at Community level.

The conservative status of a natural habitat will be taken as “favourable” when: Skip to main content. For special areas of conservation, Member States shall establish the necessary conservation measures involving, if need be, appropriate management plans specifically designed for the sites or integrated into other development plans, and appropriate statutory, administrative or contractual measures which correspond to the ecological requirements of the natural habitat types in Annex I and the species in Annex II present on the sites.

Most species listed in this Annex are also listed in Annex IV. Watson Feer Musschia aurea L. Chapter 15 Volume P. Whereas, with the aim of ensuring that the implementation of this Directive is monitored, the Commission will periodically prepare a composite report based, inter alia, on the information sent to it by the Member States regarding the application of national provisions adopted under this Directive. Whereas a system should be set up for surveillance of the conservation status of the natural habitats and species covered by this Directive.


Watson Myosotis maritima Hochst. They shall forthwith inform the Commission thereof. This report shall include an appropriate evaluation of the progress achieved and, in particular, of the contribution of Natura to the achievement of the objectives set out in Article 3.

In respect of the capture or killing of species of wild fauna listed in Annex V a and in cases where, in accordance with Article 16, derogations are applied to the taking, capture or killing of species listed in Annex IV aMember States shall prohibit the eirectiva of all indiscriminate means capable of causing local disappearance of, or serious disturbance to, populations of such species, and in particular:.

Habitatw review shall take into account, as appropriate, the new situation of the site concerned. Fernandes Narcissus scaberulus Henriq. The list referred to in paragraph 2 shall be established within six years of the notification of this Directive. Thorella verticillatinundata Thore Brig. Member States shall take appropriate steps to avoid, in the special areas of conservation, the deterioration of natural habitats and the habitats of species as well as disturbance of the species for which the areas have been designated, in so far as such disturbance could be cirectiva in relation to the objectives of this Directive.

Whereas it is therefore agreed that, in this exceptional case, a contribution by means of Community co-financing should be provided for within the habitae of the resources made available under the Community’s decisions. Languages, formats and link to OJ.

Whereas technical and scientific habiyate mean that it must be possible to adapt the Annexes; whereas a procedure should be established whereby the Council can amend the Annexes. That information shall include a map of the site, its name, location, extent and the data resulting from application of the criteria specified in Annex III Stage 1 provided in a format established by the Commission in accordance with the procedure laid down in Article