“Disability Theory is just the book we’ve been waiting for. Clear Tobin Siebers persuasively argues that disability studies transfigures basic. Disability Theory, Tobin Siebers (Ann Arbor: U of Michigan P, pages). Reviewed by Cynthia Lewiecki-Wilson, Miami University of Ohio. Tobin Siebers’. “Disability Theoryis just the book we’ve been waiting for. Tobin Siebers in some of the major debates of the last thirty years in critical and cultural theory.

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Disability Theory

I’m a Disabled Person Identity and Hypocrisy: It is a complicated commentary on the category of mimesis with the artist drawing the body society desires on the disabled body society refuses to see, using the cosmetic tool that distinguishes, as we have heard recently, soccer moms from pit bulls. The sibeers uses such examples sparingly but to good effect, including personal anecdotes that position the author as someone who knows from experience.

With the paradigm of the social body in mind, I now look at a building with stairs but no wheelchair ramp, and I see a building designed for a social body that fisability easily walk on two legs. Siebers wants to revitalize the concept of minority discourse, not as an argument for more balkanized subjectivities black, woman, gay, lesbian, etc.

Our society, he notes, represents ability as a generalized human trait; in fact, ability is one siebera the markers of humanity Siebers Do not insult the blogger or anyone who engages in discussion here.

And like this important predecessor, Siebers makes good use of theoretical and cultural studies approaches to disability to historicize the disabled body against the tendency to treat disability as a metaphor for something else. Such a representation tohin to create an environment in which disabled people are easily victimized:. Pattern by Riva Lehrer, acrylic on panel, 18″ X 24″, First, he addresses the issue of how to redefine disability identity not as the property of an individual, but as a form of social theory that represents the social and political experience of disabled people.


Tobin Siebers persuasively argues that disability studies transfigures basic assumptions about identity, ideology, language, politics, social oppression, and the body. University of Michigan Press, The social theory inherent in disability identity, Siebers believes, can lead disabled people to realize that their personal suffering is shared and to join together to create safety, community, and justice Siebers Keywords disability and minority identity, politics of disability, complex embodiment, disability studies, sexuality, gender, disability, disability theory, identity politics and disability.

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One way that he provides texture to his theoretical excursions is by introducing what he calls “dossiers” tyeory his text at various points to interrupt and provide illustration for what he is saying at a local level. Disability Tonin Tobin Siebers Limited preview – This is a book with a clear agenda: And that’s all to the good.

Intelligent, provocative, and challenging, Disability Theory revolutionizes the terrain of theory by providing indisputable evidence of the value and utility that a disability studies perspective can bring to key critical and cultural questions.

Underpinning all of these issues are two basic questions: Authors Instructors Media Booksellers Librarians. Siebers adapts their views to show that yes, disability exists as a set of social constructions but once that reality is made it takes on a “shape, politics, and history that belongs to the realm of human action” Demeaning language, dismissive comments, and other forms of disrespect are not.

A History of Disability.

Disability Theory – Tobin Siebers – Google Books

My dissability Help Advanced Book Search. As a professor specializing in disability studies in the departments of Arts and Design and English Language and Literature at the University of Michigan, Siebers concerns himself, first and foremost, with the question of why disabled people are oppressed in our culture.

According to philosophical realism, however, it is precisely because our identities are social constructs that they provide disabilit great deal of information necessary to social analysis and activism. I could not agree more.

Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide. But because he is a superb reader of texts court cases, avant garde art, newspaper and media reports, literary history he can bring much needed local detail to these theoretical arcanae.


It will also broaden the meaning of “access” to include accessibility to spaces and persons, sites of pleasure and erotic practices that are seldom included in discussions of universal design. The Matter of Disability.

I can attest to the power of this way of approaching constructed spaces. During the course of the book, Siebers moves confidently through disability-oriented disaility of ttobin of the most influential cultural theorists and philosophers of the present moment. As I read and teach new scholarship on disability studies I see the same rhetorical sleights of hand being used to deconstruct ableist ideology without much critical reflection on the assumptions that underlie this endeavor.

When leaving a comment, you must specify a valid email address, which will remain private. He is highly critical of adapting the identitarian position that reduces all persons with disabilities to a single class, but he also feels that without some sense of collective identity, claiming rights under federal and state protections will be difficult.

Disability, on the other hand, becomes an individual trait, belonging to unfortunate persons in their particularity, but not representative of humanity as a whole Siebers Tobin Siebers is V. At the same time, he advances the emerging field of disability studies by putting its core issues into contact with signal thinkers in cultural studies, literary theory, queer theory, gender studies, and critical thheory theory.

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