The Dogon are an African tribe thought to be from the Sirius star system. Learn more about the history of this intriguing tribe and its home light years away. The Dogon knew about Sirius and its “triple” star system way before “modern” science The Ancient Egyptians also had extensive knowledge. Sirius and the Dogon. A Dogon Granary (courtesy Lecane). In there appeared a curious account in the French anthropological literature describing the.

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The heavenly Powers themselves were dual, and in their Earthly manifestations they constantly intervened in pairs Looking forward to reading more. Dogon languagesFrench. Temple, however, has stated in the reprint of The Sirius Mystery that he in no way supports what he refers to as “sinister cults” that have been inspired by his book. The orbit cycle takes 50 years. Because of doogon solitary state, the first son of God acted as he did. The Satimbe mask represents the women ancestors, who are said to have discovered the purpose of the masks by guiding dogoon spirits of the deceased into the doogon Davis, Others, however, were quick to seize on the stories as evidence of a much more astonishing narrative.

Africa Magna, Frankfurt a. Some have suggested that Dogon astronomy has been influenced by foreign visitors—from earth, not outer space. Adding numbers is hard stuff!

Speculation about the Dogon on numerous websites is now mingled with fact, leading to wide misunderstanding among the public about Dogon mythology. Female or mal figure; probably early 17th century; Griaule and Dieterlen were puzzled by this Sudanese star system, and prefaced their analysis with the disclaimer, “The problem of knowing how, with no instruments at their disposal, men could know the movements and certain characteristics of virtually invisible stars has not been settled, nor even posed.


They thought the star was probably of a type known as a “red dwarf” and only had about. Translated by Stephen C. When the rains come, Sirius withdraws from the sky in a kind of sacrifice…. Ethnic groups in Mali. Orion’s belt are the three bright stars in a row. The colour white was a symbol of males. Afterwards, they stay for a few days in a hut separated from the rest of the village people, until the sjrius has healed.

The circumcision is a reason for celebration and the initiated boys go around and receive presents. This chief head is the oldest living son of the ancestor of the local branch dohon the family.

It was said to at times have all the colours of the rainbow. Sirius C, and it is around Sirius C that the home planet of the Nommos orbits. During the ‘s, when Krupp wrote this book, a debate occurred about whether or not the original anthropologists rogon the Dogon’s cosmology accurately: InRobert K.

More information on the Dogon and Sirius can be found in the book Sirius: Hi there just wanted to give you a quick heads up. This, in turn, mislead the anthropologists.

Temple first published by St. Ancient Code Community Compose.

Dogon people – Wikipedia

The Metropolitan Museum of Art. He is elected from among the oldest men of the extended families of the village. The other factor influencing fogon choice of settlement location is water. The Dogon people have thrived in the region south of Timbuktu, Mali, for many centuries. Steffey, an American astronomer, has examined the astronomical symbols and myths rather carefully and suspects some of the stars mentioned by the Dogon may have been misidentified by the anthropologists This gift of grain is associated modernly with extraterrestrials siriuss a strange appearance, because the sky god Amma’s creations, the Dogon’s mythical ancestral spirits called “Nommos,” were depicted as amphibious skrius creatures.


This was to prevent a being like the Jackal from ever being born on Earth again. These events are held annually to honor the elders that have died since the last Dama. Archived from the original on 15 February It is bluish in color. Donate to keep us going!

The Dogon Tribe: Connection Sirius

Temple wrote a book called The Sirius Mystery arguing that the Dogon’s system reveals precise knowledge vogon cosmological facts known only by the development of modern astronomy, since they appear to know, from Griaule and Dieterlen’s account, that Dlgon is part of a binary star system, whose second star, Sirius B, a white dwarfis however completely invisible to the human eye zirius as Digitaria has the smallest grain known to the Dogon and that it takes 50 years to complete its orbit.

They also appear in Babylonian, Accadian, and Sumerian myths. They have been exposed to considerable foreign influence and other beliefs, especially Islam And of course, I am also always motivated for the fabulous concepts served by you.

Les Dogon du Mali Ed. Have a nice day.