: The Sea of Faith (): Don Cupitt: Books. Don Cupitt has his own website which explains many of his central ideas. The Sea of Faith churches also have a website worth exploring. Links to both can be. Don Cupitt’s Sea of Faith, first published by the BBC in association with the eponymous TV series, is now ten years old and has recently been repub lished by.

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As redefined here, religious life is an expressive, world-building activity through which we can get ourselves together and find a kind of belated, or retrospective, happiness.

Don Cupitt

For Cupitt the sun is an apt metaphor for cipitt people should live life. He goes on to describe the ways that religions people have tried to respond to this challenge by focusing on the ethical message of religion, by relegating religion to the private realm or cupigt fighting back as fundamentalism does and rejecting the spirit of the age. Views Read Edit View history. God, Grammar, and Meaning. Cupitt believes that we construct God and religion through language. Over time, Cupitt himself has begun to move further away from the Christian symbolism.

Secondlywe could take issue from a philosophical perspective with the non-realist interpretation of religious language. Fourthlyas discussed above, we seea say that it is confusing and unhelpful to keep the language of Christianity if we have changed the meaning of the terms.

His interest in apophatic theology led him to the conclusion that talk of God is really just talk of human experiences. Return to Book Page. One of the things that led Cupitt towards rejecting a realist interpretation of God was an approach to ccupitt that goes all the way back to the Medieval world.


The books are most conveniently and quickly got by ordering ffaith by credit card over the internet, if they are currently in print, from amazon. As his opponents said, Jesus really was a rebel, who took the power of creating morality from Heaven and gave it to us humans. Stage 4 Solar ethics dln expressionism the authentic religious life is one of expressive outpouring.

One should be transparent, completely explicit, purely outgoing, and burning with love for life in general and for the neighbour in particular.

Sea of Faith – Wikipedia

Religious experiences are affected by our culture and background. Cupitt explains Jesus’ use of the term ‘ Kingdom of God ‘ as a reflection of the beliefs at the time. Sea of Faith Network. Cupitt is adamant that we must find meaning and value in this life.

He also said that concepts like God, Salvation etc become meaningless when understood in a non-realist sense. He is seen as writing somewhere between Christianity, Buddhism and French-style postmodernism, and his present religion of “solar” commitment to ordinary life makes sense to many people in China, which has never been much attracted to other-worldy, dogmatic religion.

We interpret them in the light of our previous experiences, BUT the thing we interpret is real and comes from somewhere!

In Cupitt’s opinion it is not disingenuous to keep the terms even if we have rejected a realist interpretation of them. Problems occur when the ‘rules’ from one language game are misapplied to another different language game.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. His approach to the question ‘what is religion? Finallyis religion really just about spirituality? In the early s he stopped officiating at public worship, and in he finally ceased to be a communicant member of the church. People discussing literature or science understand the rules of that particular language game so they know how to interpret the way that the words are used.


Since the s Cupitt has written many books on philosophy of religion and on ethics. Cupitt believes that this misunderstanding occurs whenever we interpret religious language in ‘ realist ‘ terms. In other words, it does not allow people to make up their own minds.

Von Sea of Faith Network SoF is an organisation with the stated aim to explore and promote religious faith as a human creation. We should fulfill our potential and ‘shine’ in our celebration of life.

In he was appointed to a University teaching post in the Philosophy of Religion, a job in which he continued until his retirement for health reasons in People often like and dislike similar things, this could imply that our experiences are similar. Don Cupitt’s books began to appear in the early s, without attracting much public attention. The via negativa led Cupitt to understand that we can say nothing about what God is like at all.

The group also maintains a web site and an on-line discussion group.

Don Cupitt’s interpretation of religion

Each day has enough trouble of its own. Science joins up its world by positing mathematical regularities running right across it…By contrast, the Book of Life is written in our natural human language of words. If he has enough spare copies, he will simply mail them free to enquirers.

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