Supertraining by Yuri Verkhoshansky (Author), Mel Siff (Author). Availability: In stock. Product of training optimally. I will never forget what Dr. Siff taught me. “. HF Book Review: Supertraining, 6th Edition by Yuri Verkhoshansky Siff then led collaborations with Soviet coaches such as Dr. Michael. Supertraining Author Who is Dr Mel Siff. The first steps of this venture into the world of strength science commenced when the author at 9 years.

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Dr Mel Siff Author of Supertraining http: Mel Siff is also one of the most highly regarded Sport scientists in history, whom without, we may not have found out anything about the Soviet or ‘Eastern’ training methods until much later in history.

Samko rated it really liked it Jan 13, Your email address will not be published. May his contributions live on. Duringhe was able to invite Dr Yessis, then a professor in physical education at the University of California, Fullerton, to lecture widely throughout South Africa on strength training science and Soviet athletic training, ultimately leading to a friendship which paved the way to many later collaborative efforts.

They discussed their mutual research interests and met with other sports scientists at major Russian research institutes. Fortunately, it’s actually not as bad as the two author’s previous collaboration, Special Strength Training Manual for Coaches, which was so bad that the information on one page actually directly contradicted the information on the next, but it does make for a difficult read.

It had to be posted.

That is highly unusual. The time now is I know he had a bad ticker. There truly is no stone unturned in terms of topics covered, from group to individual training, to periodization, to practical psychology and physiology, to biomechanics and learning.



He was himself an accomplished track and field athlete right up to attending the Central State Sport Institute to study Physical Education in Moscow, Russia. This is a really good investment. He died in I wholeheartedly agree with your comments. No other single individual played such an extensive practical role in laying the foundations for all of the subsequent work that Mel carried out.

This contact, augmented by his regular visits to Dr Yessis in the USA, furnished Mel with an extensive working familiarity with Soviet sports science and ultimately inspired him to visit Russia in July and November To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. He spent his youth involved in many sports but eventually favored Olympic Weightlifting, an interest which would eventually culminate in his two year campaign as chairman of the South African Universities Weightlifting Association for more than twenty years and managing the National Weightlifting Team for 2 years.

And with that I’ll kick off into the specifics of the book’s backgroound, it’s strengths, weaknesses, and my rating out of Siff Do you ever wonder if your method of strength training is best? James rated it it was amazing Jun 03, The book is filled with references, though none of them date past however this conclusions are in line with what the current consensus is in the Sport Science communityand the authors often throw in their own recommendations and experiences in utilizing the methods taught in the book, which, in my opinion, greatly increases the book’s value.

God rest his dupertraining. CC Volume 5 – Maximum Strength: Jun 13, Scot rated it it was amazing Shelves: Anyone know the cause of death? Did it finally give out on him? Supertraining by Mel C. Supertraining has been published an updated over nearly two decades. Siff Shea thompson says: Mikel rated it it was amazing Dec 29, His death just a few years later came as a sad blow to the entire Siff family who had become very close to this refined, genteel and helpful example of the Iron Game.


Mel Siff, author of Supertraining, is dead. Every page read made me a better coach. The World’s premier network for those seeking to share and discuss high-impact, high-result, super-practical information for the development of superior physical performance.

HF Book Review: Supertraining, 6th Edition by Yuri Verkhoshansky & Mel C. Siff — Hurricane Fitness

He will be missed. I think we were both sifd tongue in cheek about it, but I think I was a bit harsh on his sense of humor. May the good doctor rest in peace. Steve Troutman rated it it was amazing Feb 19, It also offers unique systems and methods of Soviet training along with recommendations for when and in what scenario, or what sport, each system or method should be used. If you have experience in the field, and can think for yourself, I think it’s a good, though not only, resource to have at your disposal.

His Masters degree Applied Mathematics was awarded summa cum laude in brain research and his PhD was in physiology, specialising in biomechanics. Reply Leave a Review Your email address will not be published.

Let us know what you thought of the book in the Comments section.