DSEK 60 – 06A PDF

Fast Recovery Epitaxial Diodes (FRED) for use as free-wheeling diodes; Soft recovery prevents generation of overvoltage spikes. DSEKA Inventory, Pricing, Datasheets from Authorized Distributors at ECIA . Instant results for DSEKA. DSEK A – fast recovery epitaxial diodes,, housings: TOAD. manufacturer, IXYS Corporation. manufacturer’s name, DSEKA.

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Assembly modules can incorporate either single of dual devices and allow for the building of; single-phase diode and thyristor bridges, 3-phase diode and thyristor bridges, or 6-phase single way diode and thyristor assemblies. A semiconductor diode, the most common type today, is a crystalline piece of semiconductor material with a P—N junction connected to two electrical terminals.

DSEK 60-06 A

To address the needs of our customers, we have developed an unparalleled range of Fast Recovery Diodes. Stress above one or more of the limiting values may cause permanent damage to the device. A diode is a two-terminal electronic component with an asymmetric transfer characteristic, with low ideally zero resistance to current flow in one direction, and high ideally infinite resistance in the other.

Standard bonded DCB panel dimensions are: Austin Anderson 4 months ago Views: The superior ruggedness and efficiencies and these devices make them ideal device selections in applications where the body diode carries forward current, dzek as popular zero voltage switching ZVS bridge topologies. In a circuit this current slope, in conjunction with parasitic inductances e. Patterned DCB substrates can be manufactured to customers drawings.

They are co-packed with SONIC-FRD fast recovery diodes esek feature superior soft recovery characteristics, minimizing switching noise and eliminating the need for costly snubber circuits. Fully dimensioned drawings are available upon request from the Chippenham Factory. Devices with voltage ratings to 6 kv 3. In additional to pressure contact technology these devices offer lower ddek recovery charge values, low forward switching losses and high reliability.


The GenX3 B4 and C4 classifications offer greater system design flexibility and the opportunity for designers to reach the best compromise between critical requirements such as switching frequency, efficiency, and cost structure. Add to cart 066a stock. For the device type, they also exhibit high current ratings in excess of A. X X Package style Outline drawings on pages O Traditional high voltage EMRs and discharge relays can also be replaced, reducing system complexity and improving overall reliability.

The wide range of available dsei voltages makes it possible to apply these diodes as output rectifiers in switch-mode power supplies SMPS as well as protective and freewheeling diodes for power switches in inverters. These classifications allow designers to dial in the best 6 between static conduction and dynamic switching losses, improving dse, system efficiency in a variety of power conversion applications by balancing critical requirements such ssek switching frequency, efficiency, and cost structure.

Bar clamps are suitable for devices with 19 mm to mm diameter mounting surfaces ad kgf to kgf clamping forces. To meet these demands we have developed a comprehensive range of thyristors optimised for medium voltage applications.

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Contact Westcode for details. Comfort Flexible options, including door to door transportation. Outlines on pages O Soldering equipment Soldering irons Soldering stations HotAir stations Desoldering stations Multifunction stations more The development of SimBus A fulfils the growing demands for more reliability, higher power density and an improved assembly time. We can help you from concept through design to manufacture and test, working closely with you at every step of the way.

AC voltage regulators Single-phase bridges Three-phase bridges These stacks can easily be modified to meet individual customer requirements. A I davm max. Further it gives always the best ruggedness and performance versus short term power peaks 06aa high surge currents. For other temperature conditions the current ratings can be calculated using the following formulas applicable up to Hz.


The contact areas of the chips possess physical vapor deposited metal layers.

Forward Current If 30 A Max. Add to cart On stock.

The most common function of a diode is to allow an electric current to pass in one direction called the diode’s forward directionwhile blocking current in the opposite direction the reverse direction.

The voltage and current ratings of these devices, coupled with simplified MOS gate-control, allow the system designer to greatly reduce the complexity of many high voltage switching designs. It also gives the maximum current rating and lowest thermal resistance for the package size.

Forward Current If 16 A Max. These power devices need to be pressed down to the heat sink to ensure low thermal resistances. This allows for a larger operating window as dictated by the power limitations of the device, resulting in improved ruggedness and reliability.

All zones at the deek which are decisive for the blocking 600 are coated with passivation glasses the coefficient of expansion of which match that of silicon.

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PolarP2 Standard versions are available with drain current ratings of 16A, 24A, 42A, 52A and are tailored to provide dsej the best compromise between performance and cost.

Two types will be available. Comments 0 Write your comment.