D-Link DSLB User Manual. Product Overview. PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) Security. The DSLB ADSL Router supports PAP. Download the Dlink DSLB User Manual. The link below should start your download. Dlink DSLB Manual ยท Dlink DSLB Manual 2. D-link Dslb Manual Oi. D-Link DSL U ADSL2+ WiFi N Wireless Router Unboxing Features And Review. CONECTE TODOS OS CABOS.

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Use the following steps as a general guideline, but see the User Guide for the router for model specific information.

DSLB-A1-Manual-v leo

In the Choose a connection option window, select Manually connect to a wireless networkand click Next. Opening the Network and Sharing Center.

Disconnect from the network and manually re-connect A common problem with a lost connection or poor network connectivity is accidental connection to the wrong network.

You have not set up your home wireless network, or you tried setting it up but the computer has never been able to connect to that network. Click Startand select Network. After you save the settings, it will take effect until next reboot. In a few moments the wireless networks disappear from the display.

Remove the automatic selection option and click OK to accept the change. Make sure to pick a password that is easy to remember, such as a phone number that you dial often or a phrase that is easy to remember.

After manuzl few moments a message displays indicating that the computer is Successfully connected to the network. Perform each step and test the connection. Click OK to allow Vista to diagnose the problems and restore the connection. Network window showing computers capable of sharing files.


No need to set. Input the password assigned by your ISP. Computers with network discovery and file sharing enabled. Any file or folder you put in the Public folder is automatically shared with the people connected to your network.

Select from the following options:. Click Startand click the Arrow button. Javascript is disabled in this browser.

How to Get an Open Port on D-Link Routers

Make sure the wireless network connection is enabled The connection to a wired or wireless network can be disabled or enabled. If the test fails with the computer and the router in the same room, continue to the next step to force the device to re-establish all connection values. This document describes how to diagnose and troubleshoot your wireless network problems.

If the wired network, or the wireless network, is Disabledright-click the connection, and select enable.

Dlink DSL-500B User Manual

The computer is connected to your home wireless network and you have access to the Internet, but the connection is slow or dropped. To turn on Public folder sharing, follow these steps:. See Reset and reconfigure the router. Browse to every available computer from each computer on the network. Use xsl protected sharing when you wish to limit shared folders access to specific people.

If any wireless connections exist, click Disconnect on each one. Please check the settings manuzl the PC terminal, e.

These types of problems can be resolved by disconnecting from the network router and manually reestablishing a new connection. If you are unsure how to browse shared folders or are experiencing difficulties, refer to the section Accessing shared files and directories.


Adjust Windows Vista performance settings Viewing live TV over a wireless connection takes significant processing power. A yellow exclamation symbol indicates there is a problem with the connection. You must know the exact model number or product number for your computer. Disconnect from the network and manually re-connect A common problem with a lost connection or poor network connectivity, is accidental connection to the wrong network.

Right-click the Network Connection icon in the notification area and click Diagnose and repair from the menu.

D-Link DSL-500B User Manual

When the home page for the router displays, you might need to type a password to perform configuration tasks. In the Network and Sharing Center, click Manage network connections. If Password Protection is enabled for the shared computer, a Connect to login window manul. Computers detected on the network are displayed. The frequency of the ADSL signal is higher than that of voice, so voice and ADSL signal can coexist in one line by using a splitter to insulate each from the other. Perform a Microsoft System Restore If the wireless connection worked previously, but now is unable to connect, perform a Microsoft System Restore in Windows Vista to undo configuration settings that have caused connection problems.

If the computer cannot connect to the Internet, use another computer to download the files to an external storage device.

Use the following steps to disconnect from a wireless network, and then search for, and manually re-connect to the desired wireless network.