1. Communication Theory (EC ) charjee l Kumar ECE Department Rajalakshmi Engineering College EC COMMUNICATION THEORY Lecture NotesANNA UNIVERSITY ECE 5TH SEMESTER DETAILS: SUBJECT NAME. EC COMMUNICATION THEORY Lecture Notes for ECE – Fourth (4th) Semester posted by han EC Lecture Notes Syllabus.

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IF or intermediate frequency section is the stage where commuunication primary functions are amplification and selectivity. AM output across tuned thory. Since the information is closely associated with the uncertainty of the occurrence of a particular symbol, When the symbol occurs the information associated with its occurrence is defined as: A signal is said to be periodic, if it exhibits periodicity.

Besides, the transmitter also do the modulation and encoding for digital signal. As long as any sets with more than one member remain, the same process is repeated on those sets, to determine successive digits of their codes. All symbols then have the first digits of their codes assigned; symbols in the first set receive “0” and symbols in the second set receive “1”. Aptitude Questions and Answers. In angle modulation, the amplitude of the carrier signal is kept constant; hence, angle modulation methods are constant envelope transmissions.

Computer performs the function of storing and processing the information. Transducer — Device that converts one form of energy into another form.


To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. The slope circuit converts the instantaneous frequency variations of the FM input signal to instantaneous amplitude variations.


It is caused by random variation in the arrival of electrons or holes at the output of the devices. Computer Science and Engineering CSE online model exam and mock test paper This online mock test have about questions in the question bank.

The common source-coding schemes are prefix coding, huffman coding, lempel-ziv coding. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

A signal that does not satisfy the above periodicity property is called a non-periodic signal. In lossy source coding, the source output is encoded at a rate less than the source entropy. A drawback of Huffman code is that knowledge of probability model of source is needed.

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Auth with social network: It generally consists of a pre-selector and an amplifier stage.

This is accomplished by sc2252 the discriminator output through a filter, tehory the de-emphasis filter, denoted Hde f. The changing value of capacitance causes the oscillator freq to increase and decrease under the control of the information signal. Then the Mutual information between the source X and the receiver Y can be expressed as: Computer Organization and Architecture.

The output is therefore an FM signal. Messages come from voice, data, video and other types of information. Hence I X,Y is termed mutual information.


Dr. Manish Kumar | NERIST, Nirjuli

The expression for the modulated signal is given as The carrier wave is statistically independent of the message signal. The signal to noise ratio SNR available from the source is given by: The amplitude of the carrier is kept constant while its frequency is varied by the amplitude of the modulating signal.

The remainder of this module will focus on FM for mobile radio. The noise power generated by a resistor is given by: PCM systems use repeaters to generate the signal along the transmission path. So, information cannot be guaranteed to be transmitted reliably across a channel at rates beyond the channel capacity. If the amplifier noise is Pnathen the equivalent noise temperature Te of the amplifier is given by the equation.

Information Source — the communication system exists to send messages. The NBFM wave is next multiplied in frequency by using a frequency multiplier so as to produce the desired wideband FM. The varactor diode changes its capacitance in sympathy with the info signal and therefore changes the total value of the capacitance in the tuned circuit.