Pulpal and periodontal problems are responsible for more than 50% of tooth mortality today. An endo-perio lesion can have a varied. An endo-perio lesion can have a varied pathogenesis which ranges from simple to relatively complex one. The differential diagnosis of. 10 steps to efficient endo in the general practice. For differential diagnosis and treatment purposes, “endo-perio” lesions are classified as either.

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Endo-Perio Dilemma: A Brief Review

Plaque and calculus initiate periodontal lesions. Based on these classifications, the most widely used classification of endodontic-periodontal lesions is the one that has been classified by Simon et al. Clinical periodontology and implant dentistry; pp. Compend Contin Educ Dent ; A comprehensive literature review – Part III: Treatment of endodontic perforations.

It is very essential to make a correct diagnosis so that the appropriate treatment can be provided.

Effect of treatment delay upon pulp and periodontal healing of traumatic dental injuries — a review article. A deep narrow probing defect is noted on just one aspect of the tooth root. J Clin Periodontol ; They have the potential to cause root resorption. Subscribe to Table of Contents Alerts. The irritating chemical may diffuse through the dentinal tubules, and when combined with heat, they are likely to cause necrosis of the cementum, inflammation of the periodontal ligament, and subsequently root resorption [ 3637 ].

Improper manipulation of endodontic instruments can also lead to a perforation of the root. Although the first priority is to close the iatrogenic communication, the aim is to produce a seal. Zubery Y, Kozlovsky A. It has been recognized that the success of the treatment depends mainly on immediate sealing of the perforation and appropriate infection control.


Symptoms may be acute, with periodontal abscess formation associated with pain, swelling, pus exudate, pocket formation, and tooth mobility.

Endo-perio lesions: Diagnosis and clinical considerations Shenoy N, Shenoy A – Indian J Dent Res

The differential diagnosis of endodontic and periodontal diseases can sometimes be difficult but it is of vital importance to make a correct diagnosis so that the appropriate treatment can be provided. It also inhibits ejdo contamination from instrumented canals via patent channels connecting the pulp and periodontium before periodontal treatment pdrio the contaminants.

Primary endodontic diseases usually heal following root canal treatment. Cohen S, Burns RC, editors. Milano F, Melsen B. Endodotic and periodontic interelationships.

However, it is critical to recognize the interrelationship for successful management of these lesions.

Important qualities of cross-infecting organisms may be the ability to survive in highly reduced environments and motility. BoxRiyadhSaudi Arabia. How to cite this URL: Rationale for the application of the GTR principle using a barrier membrane in endodontic surgery: Treatment of traumatic dental enfo varies depending on the type of injury and it will determine pulpal and periodontal ligament healing prognosis [ 1729 — 33 ]. The potential for replacement resorption was also associated with periodontal wound healing.

The influence of endodontic infection on progression of marginal bone loss in periodontitis. Radiographic and clinical evaluation can help clarify the nature of the problem.

International Journal of Dentistry

Pulpal healing after luxation injuries and root fracture in the permanent dentition. In some cases, the influence of pulpal pathology may cause the periodontal involvement and vice versa.


Mild pain or discomfort and swelling are the major clinical symptoms, and solitary pocket around one aspect of the suspected tooth is the major clinical sign. A new endodontic-periodontal interrelationship classification, based on the primary disease with its secondary effect, is suggested as follows: Rubach and Mitchell [ 18 ] suggested that the periodontal disease may affect the pulp health when the accessory canal exposure occurs, allowing the periodontopathogenic bacteria to cause inflammatory reactions followed by pulp necrosis.

The successful treatment of root perforations depends principally on early detection and sealing. Distribution of Ia antigen-expressing nonlymphoid cells in various stages of induced periapical lesions in rat molars.

The nature of that pain is often the first clue in determining the etiology of such a problem. It is important to remember that the recognition of pulp vitality is essential for a differential diagnosis and for the selection of primary measures for treatment of inflammatory lesions in the marginal and apical periodontium. This highlights the importance of taking the complete clinical history and making the right diagnosis to ensure correct prognosis and treatment.

Diagnostic procedures used to identify the endo-perio lesion Click here to view. View at Google Scholar G.

Effect of bleaching time and temperature on the radicular penetration of hydrogen peroxide. Treatment and Prognosis of Endo-Perio Lesions.