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Stupendous excitement that literally had me bouncing on the edge of my seat. Totally distracted me from the pain — nice one!

Raj is another one. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, walking, or out riding her motorcycle, a Honda CBF, so long as it’s sunny and warm! I feel like I knew what will happen to the Graylee duplicate, I have few ideas and some expectations, but I’m trying not to draw a lot because I don’t want to end up disappointed.

How completely weird and gross is that! Yes, I really felt a moment of pity for that evil twin.

Nikki Jefford : Entangled (Spellbound #1) | Free eBook Download

For her, it’s only been days after her death. I think it was something else. Okay maybe that explanation is not the best of this masterpiece That is, until she finally figures out that her own flesh and blood -her twin- Charlene has been jealously blocking her power for years.

Then come tell us about it on Goodreads! Review will contain spoilers for book one. I could understand Graylee’s hurt from the betrayal, but Mar 24, Al rated it really liked it. Having a bad day? And everyone says that Graylee is dead.


Review: Entangled by Nikki Jefford

nikii I find the whole sharing body a little creepy to be honest. Graylee-occupied Charlene finds a credit card and some cash among Charlene’s effects, and hops the first flight back to Seattle. Charlene Perez, the wild child of the two, was selfish, insecure, melodramatic, vain, and possibly psychotic. The purging or abduction, and then the new body possession, it all blew me away. That distracted me in several notes as far as the narrative was concerned.

I’ll get into these, after I spend a little time talking about what I did like. Enchantmentavailable since April, ; I do not have I am seriously loving all the diverse characters, but having two Graylee’s kinda threw me off Will Gray ever admit her feelings for Raj?

I nikmi the characters and the world building and have been anxiously awaiting Duplicity. I did NOT like him. Graylee Perez is a witch, and two months after her death she wakes up in her twin sisters body.

The premise was really interesting and promised some weird, awkward and funny situations. Again, Jefford uses her characters and their situations to point out a seemingly obvious fact that I hadn’t thought of in that way before.

Young Adult Recommended for: The love and hate. But I have no interest in seeing how it ends, and given how short life is and how many books I have to read, this book and I are parting ways.

Review: Entangled by Nikki Jefford | Cuddlebuggery Book Blog

I don’t recall exactly how I ended up with this book; I think the author left a code in a group entxngled I downloaded it as a result. I could not put it down, and with the full length novel, the same thing happened. The characters are three dimensional and evoked strong emotions from me. The teen drama in this book is tons of fun with twins Graylee—or just Gray—and Charlene.


Entabgled for the story…meh. The good stuff is watching Gray come into her magic and find out who her true friends are.

Unfortunatley it only took me about 15 minutes of r First off I have to say that the cover for this book is absolutely lovely. And he had no desire to become some spiritual woo-woo witch doctor who most likely meditated eight hours a day. After the super-fun “Entangled,” I was hoping for more.

Later, it turns out that she was really killed entanglwd some sweets she’d eaten earlier. This was a good read, but i never enjoyed it as much as the first time around. This book did not fill that desire for me. The magic will prick your interest and then the characters will pull you in.

Meh, this sucks then. One twin dies and then her mother performs illicit black magic to bring her back.